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    Tried the new Blue Molicares. Waking every morning to Purple, the new blue ones make mornings seem a little different. At least until they become common. One interesting change is now the tapes are all white. The brand name is no longer printed on them. I kinda miss that. I remember when Attends changed to zig zaggy lines. I really don't know why they do these sort of things. I like having the brand name on the tapes.

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    Diaper manufacturers don't make their own tapes, they buy them from adhesives product manufacturers. "3M" is a major higher-end supplier of diaper tapes, you'll see diaper manufacturers occasionally making statements like "We only use the good 3M tapes!" So if they want their name printed on the tape, it's going to be a custom run for them only, and going to cost more. When making a product that sells for under $2, pennies spent in the manufacturing process really add up fast. So it's not surprising that we see a LOT of the same tapes. The tapes we first saw on Bambino when they first came out, we see those on 80% of the single-use tape diapers made today. The white/blue doubles make up most of the remaining. You don't see much variety until you leave the ABDL market and start looking at Tena and ATN etc.

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