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Thread: Does what you wore as a baby influence what you wear now?

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    Default Does what you wore as a baby influence what you wear now?

    I think most people here are of the age where they were diapered with disposables as a baby but for me and others in my age group it was a cotton diaper and plastic pants. For years nothing could match the feeling of a nice soft cotton diaper and a pair of plastic pants for me. With the advent of the modern disposables however I find my self wearing a Rearz Seduction, a Northshore Supreme (plastic backed) or a Northshore pullup more frequently. Absorbency on this generation of diposables is outstanding, fit is great and comfort is close to cloth. It's great to have so many choices, how does everyone here decide what to wear?

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    don't really wear cloths these days. Granted I have memories of pampers being alot like what attends are (Albeit thick). I think the fact that wide scale they don't make diapers anything like the diapers I wore when I was 2 are like

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    I do think there is a causal effect. Most of our members grew up with plastic backed diapers and they seem to prefer plastic backed. I grew up with cloth diapers and plastic pants and that's what I enjoy wearing. If you look up Love Mapping on Wikipedia it gives a good reason as to why this is. There article on Infantalism is very good and love mapping is attached to that article. It explains why we as children, probably made infantile sexual stimuli to objects like diapers.

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    I think it definitely does. What you're used to is what you gravitate to.

    But another interesting thing: I've heard it said somewhere that it often happens like that, that a young ABDL wants not necessarily the specific diaper they wore as a child but the diapers the diaper that kids were wearing when they were not. I don't remember my source on that but it's certainly true for me: I remember being very jealous of a few of my friends who had to wear GoodNites when we were kids. It's no surprise at all to me that I'm satisfied with GoodNites as a DL.

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    I've always been most attracted to what I didn't get to wear as a child - Pull-Ups.

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    I wore cloth as a baby but prefer disposables. I don't recall being in diapers, so I think my interest is based more on what was available at the time. I keep cloth around and I like plastic pants but disposables are what say diapers to me.

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    I am a switch hitter cloth when I am at home and when I lay down , or disposables when I am out and mobile, at night I wear rubber bloomers during the day either "blue ice" or Gary wear active PUL , no matter what I wear I always have plastic pants of some kind on , I feel naked without them .

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    I wore cloth diapers in gerber pvc or what I just call "rubber" pants. rarely a disposable diaper. older, I wore pullups sometimes for vacations / bedwetting.
    I only have interest in mainly the pvc pants and pullups or rather just goodnites now. I did like the ABDL diapers too, but are somewhat of a hassle.

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    Absolutely agree, wore huggies or pampers as a kid, now I wear cloth backed disposables all the time. I think when I was an infant I wore plastic backed however. That seems to creep up on me now and then.

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