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Thread: Traveling & Hotels in Diapers

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    Default Traveling & Hotels in Diapers

    I'm a bit nervous to fly / tsa with my diapers. I will be traveling soon, flying and staying in a hotel my first time since needing to wear diapers again. Should I ask the hotel if they can provide a plastic sheet? And when disposing my diapers should I just leave them in the trash in the room? I guess it will be obvious to the maid I wear a diaper. Any suggestions for diaper management / changing is much appreciated. thank you.

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    I travel a lot, and need to wear diapers. When going through security yiu dont have to worry, try change just before going through e.g. your diaper is dry, should it be wet, no problem you'll be patted down, because it will show that you are wet. No one says anything. TSA act professional in this regard. As for the hotels I have never asked for a plastic sheet, but I do wear plastic pants on top of my diaper and place a big towel underneath me. For disposabel of used diapers I place them in the bin as for all other waste. Yes the maid will figure out, that the guest in the room wears diapers, but so what?

    My advice is, take it cool and enjoy your trip

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    As someone who who works in a hotel i can say that most do not carry plastic sheets. As far as disposing of diapers. Just put it in the trash bin. Yeah the housekeeper will know you wear but they are very busy and could care a less.
    If you are worried about them knowing you could always bag the diaper and toss them in the public bathrooms trash bin at your hotel.

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    If you need to wear, the main thing for TSA, as already noted, is to change right before going into the security line so your diaper is dry. If there's any issue, you can also ask for a discreet patdown, but everything I've heard is that dry diaper is no issue. Since I'm not incontinent but have flown diapered a few times, I usually just put the diapers in my backpack and then change in the bathroom after I've cleared through security, so that could be an option for you as well depending on how severe your incontinence is.

    For hotels, don't even sweat it. The most important thing is that you bring good diapers. Keep the bed dry, and just be sure to fold the diaper up so that it's easy to dispose of by the staff by just emptying out the trash. You could throw a few plastic bags in your luggage if you want, in case the hotel trash bin doesn't have any kind of liner (I've been to a few hotels that don't), that will also make it a little easier on the staff. You can also leave a tip for staff at the end if you want, but not required. The whole thing is just not a big deal anyway, it's just emptying out trash and diapers are quite the standard item. I've never had any hotel issues.

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    I often travel and stay in hotels too and have never had any issues. I do not bother about a discreet pat down and have got through the normal one without raising any questions, but as above always change first to ensure you are dry and clean. Although nappies are very convenient on a plane or long distance road trip, if you are spending a long time seated make sure they are loose enough not to interfere with the circulation in your legs. In hotels I always bag the wet ones individually and put them in an outer bag, so that room staff never have to see or handle them. They will know what they are but it is impolite to expect them to handle exposed sanitary waste. Wearing flushable liners enables me to dispose of any mess in the toilet before bagging the nappy. If the nappy itself has got messy I will double-bag it individually and ensure it is reasonably airtight, or pack it out of the room to a nappy disposal bin in a baby change or disabled toilet. I used to carry absorbent bed pads to slip under the sheet as a damage-limitation measure in case of leaks, but this soon proved to be unnecessary as leaks are very rare indeed. My night wear includes high-waist plastic pants with a small absorbent pad to catch any seepage around the legs, with a vanishingly small chance of anything leaking out of the plastic pants.

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    I travel fairly frequently for work and play. My thoughts:

    1) Going through TSA security at the airport. First time I did it i was MORTIFIED. Like seriously mortified, to the point I thought I might be selected for, how shall we say it, extreme vetting. Took a moment to calm down, told myself it's like any other trip through security. Walked up, put carry-on into x-ray, got scanned, walked right through. Grabbed my bag and that was it. The whole experience was like getting a shot at the doctor. Once you get past the mental road block it's not a big deal. I've never had the ordeal of going to the "room", although those that have been through it mentioned the agents know lack of professionalism will cost an agent his or her job

    2) Flying - Sometimes I fly padded, sometimes not. Usually if flight is over 3+ hours I consider going padded. If I need to go I try not to use my diapers in respect to my seatmates, if we're close to landing I just use my diapers. Never had an accident while flying, but I have had close calls. I'm sure others will agree it's basically impossible to change in most planes, only the larger wide body planes have enough room to change in. I always keep that in mind. I do know others that fly often sometimes try to break up long domestic (US) flights into 2-3 hour segments for that reason.

    2b) Instead of flying - Anyone prefer Amtrak over flying? Living in the NE, I'll take Amtrak any day over flying. Not as fast but door to door is comparable, plus far more relaxed. For the padded among us, the accessible bathrooms are FAR superior to anything on a plane, and for me negate the need to even wear while traveling. Anyone else had good/bad experience traveling Amtrak while diapered? Curious

    3) Hotels - Been to tons. Diaper or double diaper up while there, wrap in it a grocery bag, put it in the trash. Like others have said, they'd much rather empty the trash of a diaper than deal with wet sheets and a mattress. Trust me, know from experience. I'm good friends with a hotel manager (large, convention hotel). He told me some crazy stories about what they had to clean up. Needless to say a diaper in a trash can doesn't even make the list.

    4) Cars - If I'm driving I don't need to be diapered, sometimes (rarely) I do if I'm a passenger, as I rarely sleep in the car. On a side note - my old pickup truck was good for doing diaper changes at my farm. My Suburban was even better

    5) I've never had to pre-ship diapers to a location, but I suppose it wouldn't be a big issue. I used to get stuff sent to hotels all the time.

    TL;DR - Go explore. Diapers IMHO make it easier if you're IC.


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    I've worn flying tons of times. As everyone else has said, TSA isn't an issue as long as you're dry (the scanner will see wet as an object). For hotels I just brought plastic grocery bags with me, then carried the bagged diaper out to the large trash bins near the ice machine every morning.

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    Don't forget to leave a nice tip for housekeeping!

    Whenever I've left something I know would be a pain or just unpleasant to clean up, I always leave a little extra.

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    Bring plastic bags to pack your diapers in. Do not just put them in the trash as is, it'll stink.

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    Here is my two cents worth of input here .
    Hotels - as previously suggested once you arrive at the hotel have in your luggage a handful of those plastic shopping bags that you got stuffed in that junk drawer at home or have the shuttle driver take you to the grocery store and there once you get your supplies for the stay snag a few extra grocery bags. Always Always remove your trash from the room I place mine in those trash cans by the vending machines or by the elevators. And I have yet to need plastic sheets cannot remember the last time I had a leak.
    WORD OF CAUTION if you have your diapers shipped to the hotels some will charge you for receiving a package one notable hotel is the Four Points by Sheraton in Revere Massachusetts /Logan Airport Boston they tack on a 10 dollar charge for handling.
    I do always ship mine in advance by the three companies I deal with XP Medical, Northshore and DC. Never had a issue period except for the hotel charge for package delivery Of course I have challenged it and they removed it from the bill.

    Amtrak- Cant speak for that.

    Greyhound- Bus lavatories can be small and smelly but okay to change in. however I normally change in the station where I can wash my hands and do a proper cleanup. Word of caution Chicago and Cleveland Greyhound stations have unreliable sinks seems that Greyhound cannot find a professional plumber in Chicago and Cleveland. Syracuse and Buffalo, Albany Boston South Station , Detroit, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh are very decent bathrooms.

    Airplanes- Well unless your on a trans con or a trans Atlantic or Pacific flight you should not need to change till your connecting city and use the bathroom in the airport. Amsterdam is the best airport for us Incontinent folks right under the Hotel Mecure at end of Pier F there is a awesome bathroom specially designed for us . Frankfurt also does too by the Observation deck and Mc Donalds in the International Terminal.
    Sydney has showers free of charge a welcome sight . Miami in the 90's had a pharmacy in the airport that carried the good old version of the Depends fitted briefs I was shocked! guess get yer diaper in Miami before you go to Bogota LOL .

    Dont do Cruises so I cannot comment on them .

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