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Thread: Suggestions on onesie/romper's

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    Default Suggestions on onesie/romper's

    Hi, i am extremely nervous and curious at the same time, to start and try to wear a romper onesie when I get the urge to throw on a diaper (mostly at bed time).

    My question to y'all is, where and what would be a great experience for my first and probably only romper onesie.

    I do self identify with being 100% diaper lover, because everything diapers "arouses" me fully. I am getting older and have started to get curious of just pacifier's and romper onesie's with my diapers. I think the overall experience might be a bit more pleasurable both physically and mentally.

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    Ebay, Ms. Loraine has a shop called Big Tots and has an excellent selection of pre-made and hand made stuff. The pre-mades are reasonably priced in the 20 to 30 dollar range so you don't have to come out of pocket big if AB isn't your thing.

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    Onsies and rompers are really fun to wear and doesnt mean you really have to be an ab. I ware diapers because I have too but. I enjoy onsies and such now because I know my size any help with diapers staying up. Its a long story. But when I found out that company m‚ke adult diapers like baby diapers use to be it made it fun to wear.

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