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Thread: Where in Walmart are the Adult Diapers located?

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    Default Where in Walmart are the Adult Diapers located?

    Like where specifically? Struggled to find the exact area last time and don't really want to ask for help (do not suggest I ask for help either lol). Mainly just what specific section, like men's wear, baby products... what?

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    Health and beauty section, nearer the pharmacy, but the diaper selection isn't good, and u probably won't find plastic backed

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    Well, I guess I would start by looking for health products/medical aids wherever they keep health products/medical aids. You could always ask someone, but seeing as how you know thats an answer to your question and are unwilling to do that/listen to the obvious advice, you can simply walk around Wal-Mart until you find them.

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    the only adult diapers that walmart keeps on inventory are depends, attends, assurance. If you want plastic backed adult diaper from walmart they are only available online at and when you place a order they can ship it directly to you or you can choose to pick the up at walmart all you need is your photo ID when you pick up your order

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoalCracker View Post
    Never saw attends in the store.
    they have them on their website

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    Yes on line they do. I was thinking you were saying the physical store locations had them.

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    In the store usually the pharmacy section , in my super Walmart hang a right into the corner and diapers are usually in the pharmacy first isle , selection is pretty slim picking .

    Back in the day you could get good attends in stores.

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    Skip walmart, they only carry crappy diapers. Find a local medical supply store. They usually carry brands that are at least half decent.

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