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Thread: outside in only diaper in private area

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    Default outside in only diaper in private area

    Hello all! Just wondering if anyone out there has experienced the incredible feeling of wearing just a diaper outside with no one around. Perhaps camping or on private land or my personal favorite, mountain backcountry.
    The craziest place I have worn diapers is on the mountain while snowboarding. I have quite baggy snow pants so I wore a big cushy bambino. I often retreat into the trees and backcountry for some meditation time and this particular time I thought it would be an interesting experience to head out of bounds a ways and let my diapered self run free -- so I did. I rode the lift up scanning the mountain for where to go and I saw it, a perfect spot to ride off into the trees. I got of the lift, rode out to the spot and rode into the trees instantly feeling more free than I had all day. I rode diagonally up the mountain as much as I could and hiked up a bit more where I found a perfect tree well in which to camp out. I took off my board and set it in the snow, then my backpack, then my jacket, then my boots to get my snow pants off. I slipped my boots back on and ran like a wild animal set free for the first time, a little weary but exhilarated. Leaving that beautiful area was the hardest thing I had done in a while.

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    Haha.....sounds cold! I go biking wearing a diaper, out on our walking/bicycle trail, but I wear baggy bicycle shorts over them. Still, it feels good to be out on a trail diapered.

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    I've cut grass on my farm in an Abena M4 and a t-shirt in the summer when the sun was a cookin'. For what it's worth, most standard bed pickup trucks make fantastic changing tables

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    I have done that once, and I haven't done it since because I almost got caught. I was in the woods on a deserted day because it had been raining and the weather was generally poor. There were only 3 or 4 cars in the parking lot for a fairly large park, and I passed two groups on their way out on my way in, so I figured I was pretty much alone in the whole park. I got very bold and took my shorts and shirt off and walked through the woods with just hiking boots and a diaper for a few minutes. I decided I had enough, as my heart was racing from the adrenaline, and put my clothes back on. Only a few seconds later a runner comes around the corner. If I had waited any longer, I would have been standing in the woods in just a diaper.

    With that story in mind, I would love a private, controlled environment where I can be outdoors in just a diaper and enjoy it.

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    There nothing better than just wearing a diaper at times

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    GF and I once went for a 5am romp in the woods, letting our inner children run free. We were in just nappies and t-shirts most of the time, and briefly just nappies, which was a unique and exhilarating experience. We kept well off the beaten track with fairly dense cover and saw only one person, jogging on a distant footpath, much too far away to discern what we were wearing. I did a big poo mid-romp and found it particularly liberating running around playing games together with an obvious bulge in the seat of my nappy, without fear of anyone else seeing or smelling it. By the time we got home we were pretty exhausted!

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    I have done a few night hikes in the desert in just a diaper t-shirt and boots

    Years ago i was the caretaker at a mine in Nevada for a month and only wore diapers for most of the month.

    The mine road had a locked gate 5 miles away and the only person that might have seen me was a pilot that flew over low.

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    Hearing of that experience makes me so incredibly jealous! That is honestly a huge goal of mine in life. Not only to go camping for the first time (I know, I know...surprising, right?), but to do so alone with just me and some diapers. I actually talked to one of my friends about an exact same scenario and how amazing it would be. Just to find some secluded area, set up a nice, big tent with pillows and blankets everywhere, all the while being diapered up the whole time. Just to get all bundled up in the blankets, laying back, relaxing, and listening to the sounds of nature as the evening sets in... Serious bucket list-type stuff right there, let me tell you. Glad you got to have that thrilling experience! I, too, hope to write about something like that in the future as well.

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