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Thread: killer thrift find!

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    Default killer thrift find!

    at first I saw an opened bag of arena m4, so I grabbed a shopping cart thinking there might be more, and sure enough, first time I've ever seen these in a thrift store... I bag each of ABU Cushies, 1 bag cloth cushies, 1 bag of ABU Sissy, as bag of Bellisimo, and a bag of total dry x plus, all for $27!
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    that's what I thought when I saw it! I'll be going back tomorrow to see if there's more!

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    Fabulous score! Pretty much all retired items now which makes it even better.

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    insane find! sadly, probably someone's stash got raided by their parents or spouse or were otherwise forced to purge.

    I wouldn't expect more tomorrow, but maybe in a month you might see it happen again. pays to keep an eye out!

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    That's amazing, I always look when I'm thrifting but so far I haven't found much. It definitely makes you wonder how they ended up there, I agree that it's either someone purging or they got caught and were forced to get rid of them.

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    You know, I wouldn't be so quick to assume it was someone purging or being caught. That is the most likely explaination, but not the only one. Medical supply stores popping up selling ABDL diapers. Before that point, quite a few incontinent people have been buying ABDL diapers because they are higher quality. It's possible they were donated for the same reason other incontinence supplies are donated, the user no longer needed them.

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    Great find!!

    But what I would really like to know is what was your experience when you purchased them? Did you get any kind of interesting looks/comments from the cashier?


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    No interesting looks or comments, although, the thrift store I found these at, I do visit quite often. I will say once I saw them, I filled the cart, and went straight to the checkout. Place was kind of busy, and didn't really want to have other shoppers see all the diapers.

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