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Thread: My plan for when I've got the house to myself.

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    Default My plan for when I've got the house to myself.

    In a few weeks I'll have the house to myself, so I'm planning to treat my DL/little side with an amazon shopping spree. I'm planning on buying a Thomas the tank engine duvet cover, a waterproof mattress protector and a pacifier. However I'm also trying to decide which diapers are best to buy, my current thoughts are Lille supreme fit diapers and Libero sleep tights (I want to buy a type of tape on diaper and a type of pull-up diaper). Which diapers would you guys recommend buying from amazon. Also are there any other little and Dl things that I can get cheaply from Amazon?

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    Hey, how many days do you have?

    It's hard making a diaper recommendation because it depends (no pun intended) on a lot of things such as your build, if you want nursery prints vs. just white, how much crinkle do you want, how much bulk do you like between your legs, will you be doing multiple wettings.

    I'm 6', 190 lbs (with a belly) and ConfiDry 24/7 Mediums fits me perfectly.

    ConfiDry 24/7 have 4 strong tapes so they won't blow up on you (although they're not adjustable), they're all white so they look like baby diapers, super absorbent (at least 3 wettings), they have slight but noticeable crinkle and lots of bulk between your legs. Plan on 2 changes a day, 3 maximum. About $2 each, not bad. ABDL nursery prints can cost twice as much.

    The other thing I would suggest is a onesie. This is an absolute must. A onesie will hold up your droopy diaper so you'll get more 'active' time out of each diaper. And you don't need a nursery print on your diaper if it's hidden under a onesie. The hardest part of buying onesie is to get the sizing right.

    Since it sounds like you'll need to 'purge' at some point, keep it inexpensive.

    Have fun!

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