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Thread: finding it hard to remember things.

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    Default finding it hard to remember things.

    I think some "Repression" is going on with my memory, I'm finding it very hard to remember specific things, I've been practically abused everyday for the last month and have been "blocking it out" but lately my memory has become very shit.

    I'm finding it very hard to remember what I did yesterday, last time I ate, what I did last, or even completely forgetting about my debts.

    I can remember specific things like programming, and everyday stuff, just not anything relevant to my life, it's hard to explain but it seems to be "blocked out" I can't recall specific things at all, not even what I did an hour ago.

    Why is my memory being like this? I have been "physically" exaushted the last couple months, feeling tired all the time, having no energy just wanting to crawl in a hole and die, I no longer feel pleasure, and everything seems like a chore.

    To be honest, I've got this I don't know who I am feeling, it's weird to explain, I just don't know who I am, I have a name, but I don't feel like that name is me. I feel alienated, I don't even feel like I have a gender at the moment, who am i?

    It's quite distressing, I'm not even feeling anything, no emotions, It's not a empty feeling, it's just nothing, blank.

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    The longer you go without doing something you've learned, the harder it is to do it again. This is completely normal.

    In high school I was proficient in speaking German, and Spanish. Now over 25 year later I don't remember anything but the most common words.

    It goes deeper than this though. The longer you go without challenging your mind in general, the harder it is to remember simple things. This too is completely normal.

    Think of your brain like a muscle. If you never work it out then it will always be weak at most anything. Try some simple brain games on your phone. There's evidence that as long as the task/puzzle is new to you then it is beneficial to your brains overally memory and retention too. These benefits drop off when you've mastered a task though, so always keep switching it up.

    For you, you've been out of work for so long you haven't had to challenge your brain any have you? When's the last time you were stumped and under a time constraint in programming something? The longer you go without this (or something else), the harder it will be to remeber not only programming but what you ate yestersay too.

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    Forgetfulness is actually a symptom for a depression. Along with your other symptoms and suicidal thoughts you might want to see a professional.

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    Google depersonalisation, derealisation, and dissociative disorders.

    I know what you mean... I think it's a symptom of my anxiety, depression or drinking/smoking too much. :-/

    Quote Originally Posted by Binary View Post
    I don't even feel like I have a gender at the moment, who am i?
    If it's any consolation, I don't think I've ever felt like I have a gender. I don't even know what that means or what it might feel like.

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    I would be concerned about overall health and depression. You've been through a lot, both mentally but also with your health. I think you could improve your health and disposition by eating a healthy diet, drinking only moderately of alcohol, no smoking and establishing a daily routine of exercise. Like Slomo said, exercising the brain is also a good thing to do.

    For me, when the weather is descent, I either walk/run or ride my bike. For many years I was writing a novel. Now I'm learning and trying to memorize a number of Chopin piano works. Concentrating on body and mind is a good thing to do.

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