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Thread: What's in your Diaper Bag?

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    Default What's in your Diaper Bag?

    I honestly don't expect a huge variance on answers, I'm just hoping for a few tips/tricks on accessories I may not have thought of.

    To be clear, I'm not talking about a "fantasy" AB Diaper Bag, where you just have to have your pacifier, rattle and blankie/plushie... What I am referring to is the "must-haves" for supporting 24/7 Diaper wearing, or at least changing diapers away from your home.

    I'm lucky enough to have stumbled across an inocuous insulated bag that is just about perfect-sized, and which I've often carried before, for sports drinks and snacks, as my job often takes me on the road.

    These days, it contains three Northshore Supremes, two Depends Maximum Absorbency Pull-ups for women (for emergency quick-changes), a large package of wipes, a large baby powder, a small bottle of baby oil, a tube of Desitin and a spare pair of Garywear briefs. In addition, I keep a couple of drinks in there also, because I need to keep hydrated for several reasons

    Oops... Almost forgot, a recent addition. I also keep three 1-gallon "Zip-Loc" freezer bags, to contain used diapers, based on posts I have read here.

    It's a little fuller now that it used to be, but it's not over-stuffed, or so heavy as to be awkward and/or call attention.

    What other "essentials" do you keep in YOUR Diaper Bag?
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    Strange this thread is here because I have a diaper bag packed for my afternoon at the charity shop! I keep it in a small.backpack Click image for larger version. 

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    Just the usual, wipes, baby powder, bags and 2 diapers

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    Usual: Wipes, bags
    Essential: Spare diaper (2), spare pants (1), spare socks (1pair), spare shirt (1 t-shirt, 1 regular shirt).

    I keep a kit like this in a backpack in the trunk of each of my cars, plus a third one that I can grab and go whenever. All three are ordinary outdoor style, daypacks/backpacks that are water proof. The water proofing does three things: It tends to mean the bags are made of more durable materials (treated canvas, heavy polymer reinforced nylon etc.), keeps my spares nice and dry in any weather (great thing here in the PacNW), and also helps to contain any stray odors that escape a rolled up diaper tied up in a plastic bag.

    You can add or take what you like from the list except for the essentials. I will add more items if needed, long distance trips, long times spent away from the house, or if heading into the woods or on the lakes/rivers.

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    What diaper bag. You don't normally need one for just the day out. Use the powder and creams at home, but skip taking them with you for every single change.

    I keep my diapes in my car. When I need a change I just take it in hand and hit the bathroom to change as needed. Remember, nobody ever notices. Been doing this for years and not once has anyone ever even given me an odd or second look.

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    If I'll be out for most of the day it's already in my EDC bag. There's also spare diapers and wipes in the car.

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    Just a diaper in a plastic bag, inside my work bag. I only normally go through 1 or 2 Northshore Supremes in a day, so sometimes I don't even need it. I'm also fortunate not to be bowel IC, so I don't have to worry about all that, and my skin is pretty resilient to not need powders or creams to avoid rashes.

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    Thanks for ALL of the responses... My Diaper Bag is insulated and waterproof, but not large enough to carry a spare set of clothes, really. I keep a spare set in my car trunk, in a gym bag, but I am frequently separated from my car due to work. Carrying a Diaper Bag is no problem, carrying a Diaper Bag AND a gym bag would be suspicious

    It is probably a good idea to go with a larger bag, backpack style, so I can get the benefit of enough room for spare clothes. I have a few backpacks of a couple different sizes, maybe I'll experiment a little bit

    Unfortunately, I cannot go without powder. The baby oil and Desitin are not strictly "essential", but the baby powder IS... If I don't wet heavily, it's not an issue, but if I do, I can chafe quickly and badly, if not well-powdered. At least so far, anyways... Perhaps after a while, my skin will toughen up, but right now, that's my situation

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    Mine has diapers, wipes, scented bags and a padlock for work's locker.

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    I use one of those little draw string back packs. It has a Tena Stretch Ultra, an M4, 2 lg booster pads, a pair of snap side plastic pants, a small tube of A n D, a small baby powder, a pack of disposable clean ups, a small roll of packing tape, a small tube of Vaseline, some nitrile gloves and 2 plastic grocery bags for disposal. I keep the A nD, the Vaseline, the clean ups, baby powder and gloves in a large zip lock bag so I can find the without searching around.

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    I carry a day/backpack that contains my laptop, iPad, other tech type stuff, and other everyday essentials. It has a large compartment that holds 2 extra pull-ups, 2 booster pads, an extra tampon, a travel size package of wipes, a small tube of ointment, and a plastic bag.
    For overnight or travel, I also carry a separate toiletry/shower bag I got from REI that holds additional quantities of the above, plus things like enema supplies.

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