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    Default Wish me luck

    I'm about to do a graduation test from english language- B2 level. Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous. Actually I want to know how well would a native speaker do in the test. Any volunteer?

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    Sorry to be late but the very best of luck, virtual fingers crossed for you.

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    I love tests. I'm a native English speaker. I'd say it was pretty good, although I've never been taught much formal grammar.

    If it's an online test anyone can take, I'd be happy to take the test and tell you my score. :-)

    Hope it went well :-)

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    It's a test in paper form which you can download. Everything is in english except answer sheet instructions and some basic rules like no cheating. I'll send link once the test is available. Actually you are not late. Still 3 hours of waiting. I think I'll get more percentage than from MY native language test. Hehe

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    Don't worry about it. At your level you're already better at english than half (or more) of the people in the US.

    Seriously, most here don't even know the difference between a verb and a noun. And haven't you seen how many here think being a DL is a fetish? You'd think they've never seen a dictionary before. Heck, with the advent of texting it seems some can't even be bothered to spell "you" or "are".

    Yeah, you'll do just fine on that test.

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    Yes! It went great It's not official but I should have around 85%. Here is the promised test.
    Answers: and
    The writing part: I was supposed to write magazine article about Fashion and clothing- role of clothes in my life, dress code and the last point uniforminy vs variability

    - - - Updated - - -

    I don't have access to the record for listening section but I guess you would have all correct so don't count it

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