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    Hey folks,

    I remember a little while back there was some discussion about the minecraft server that was once hosted by a member here. Well I dont know if anyone is still interested or not, but a member of the ABDL subreddit has started hosting one. Its vanilla minecraft with just some simple housekeeping mods added server side so nothing fancy and is still a work in progress, but it is now open for people to join. The usual rules apply...basically dont be an asshole and youll get along fine.

    If anyone is interested there is an online map you can view: Clicky & the IP address to join:

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    I would, but Don't want to expose my IP or username. Don't need my business sunk because I joined a minecraft server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJacob98 View Post
    Nice. However I'm bored in vanilla world. So I'll not join
    I think that is one of my main problems as well. I don't hate vanilla but it can get quite boring. Now if it was like FTB Beyond, I would probably join on in. At least then more people can appreciate my realistic looking house using chisels and bits XD.

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