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Thread: Think I have a uti.

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    Default Think I have a uti.

    My right kidney hurts. If I take AZO the pain lessons.
    I did go to the Er. They did urine and blood test. And a cat scan for stones. But all test were fine. I still think something is wrong,

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    If you are having pain, especially not associated with a joint r a known issue.

    Yes something is wrong!

    Keep going in to doc, get referral to a kidney guy if that really is where it hurts...most people don't even know where thier kidneys are...not saying you personally...

    Could be so many things from cancer to renal failure...

    Keep going in to figure it out...

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    I agree something is wrong. The emergency room only checks for immediate concerns, not every possiblity. Them saying they found nothing just means they saw nothing life-threatening or obvious. A doctor visit or a referral to a specialist may be required to diagnose your issue. Hope you get well soon.

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    I once had a case of bad lower back pain. At the emergency room I got the same work-up as you, suspecting kidney infection or stones, and they found... nothing. And the pain just went away on its own. Not saying this is your case though.

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    Doesn't sound​ like a UTI, but if one is there they would know by the urine test. You're doing the right thing by seeking treatment.

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    I've had several bladder infections over the years. The symptoms invariably include:
    -constant feeling of needing to pee, but only producing a small dribble.
    -strong smelling pee that is either yellow or orange in color
    -an intense burning sensation while peeing.

    If you're experiencing these, get to a doctor ASAP. Left untreated, this can turn into a full blown kidney infection. Also, start drinking tons of water to flush things out, though cranberry juice or grapefruit juice is better, because the acidity will discourage bacterial growth.

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    My doc canceled due to the blizzard. I am feeling better today. Drinking water and cranberry juice.

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    That's also the same location (approximately) of your appendix. If you have appendicitis, you will also be running a temperature, so you should take your temperature. Like kerry said, it doesn't sound like a UTI. I had one last year and the pain was more centrally located, if you get my meaning. I had to pee all the time and it burned like hell. I also was running a fever. The only thing that cured it was a trip to the emergency room and strong antibiotics.

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    Did you possibly sleep on it wrong, or somehow bruise that part of your body without realising it?

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