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    Hey everyone! Just wondering who on the forums plays SF4, who everyone mains, and what system they play on (feel free to add PSN and XBL account names so we can possibly challenge each other!).

    PSN: hobojoe805
    C. Viper
    I'm an average level player willing to take on all challengers. Currently my BP is in the 2000 range.

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    Mains: Zangief, Vega or Guile.

    Playing on my Xbox, not giving out my Gamertag.

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    Woot, Vega (Claw) is awesome, I've won 90% of all matches fought with him.Too bad you can air throw him out of the flying barcelona attack. Gief is also cool.

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    I'll be getting SF4 on the PC since I don't have a 360/PS3.

    Same with RE5. I am assuming that is coming to PC as well since SF4 already is.

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    I used to play Street Fighter 2, does that count? I always liked Vega, Blanca, and Ken/Ryu.

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