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Thread: Can't handle being told off

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    Default Can't handle being told off

    I'm wondering if littles can't handle being told off, I want to be good but I got told off for not locking the door properly.

    It was horrible when I got in and I saw my dads and his girlfriends faces looking disappointed in me, they told me I'd have to wait outside because they didn't trust me with the keys and I felt so ashamed and starting crying in my room.

    I try so hard to do things right and I end up screwing up and feeling so stupid, it's like I literally can't handle being told off!

    It's strange because whenever I get told I feel really aweful and start crying and if somebody shouts at me, I'm in histerics with crying! They didn't shout but their faces and tone of voices still made me feel so upset!

    Is it just me not having enough resilience because I feel like I don't deserve anything when I get told off and I'm so stupid and dumb or do other little feel like me when told off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post

    Is it just me not having enough resilience because I feel like I don't deserve anything when I get told off and I'm so stupid and dumb or do other little feel like me when told off?

    That is a good question, I know that when I am in situation where I either tell myself off, or someone else does, it makes me feel about this big *indicates how big*

    I feel guilt and shame, and I think that's the driving force behind your crying? I mean we are talking about 2 different factors into your emotions.

    1. the rebuke

    2. the loss of privilege (opening the door for yourself)

    Everyone is a little different, I have found that coming up with a solution to my problem, and approaching those who rebuked me helps though.

    being given the chance to try again, and do it right helps as well, as opposed to a flat out ban from the activity and feeling as if I am 100% incapable of carrying it out.

    hope that helps, feel better soon.

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    Thanks mommy and matking, I hope it gets better

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    Well, you are little girl and when little girl dissapoints her parents then they can't trust her anymore. They obviously treat you like a kid which you are.

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    I think he is just trying to say we are all littles.

    I don't think he is purposefully attempting to be condescending

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    Thanks mommyandmattling. I had to look up what condescending means. I didn't want to offend anyone. I mean-I wanted to point out-you did something wrong which resulted in a punishment- it looks like they treat you like little=in other words: they accepted your little side and act like parents. I didn't want to be mean or whatever...

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    This is a big problem for me as well, I hate hate hate hate being told off, to the point that it's made me a bit of a worrier.. ties into anxiety.

    Never make any mistakes and no one has a reason to yell at you..that's what's in my head usually, especially with new people. But no one is perfect, we all get yelled at at some point, or disappoint someone and upset ourselves for letting people down. Coupled with having things taken away from you, it hurts our little heart!

    We handle it differently, but it does make me upset when it happens. I usually just get pout-y and be quiet.

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    Oddly enough, I have a re-occurring nightmare where I'm living in a house, that after awhile, I begin to realize is haunted. One of the things that happens is that I can't close the doors tight enough to lock them, and I start to feel dread. Then the lights begin to go off. My bedroom is upstairs, and sooner or later in the dream, I have to go up to my room. It's a big room with a very tall, old ceiling. I turn the light switch on to get rid of the darkness, because the darkness is making me feel dread, but the light won't come on. Soon I begin to feel terror.

    Anyway, I can understand feeling anxiety about an unlocked door, but I also understand doors that don't want to lock. Sometimes I check the same doors and locks in my house several times, just to make sure they're locked. My house has four doors that open to the outdoors. And yes, the ghosts are coming. They're coming.........

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    I don't really like being scolded, although I think most people are like that. Getting yelled at by my parents might sting for a moment, but there was a time when I get it pretty bad from someone online and it made me feel extra crumby for a while.

    I got faults pointed out a fair bit at my last job, so now I worry a little about being scolded at any future places of employment. I guess I'm a little scared of authority figures.

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