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Thread: Depend returning to plastic backed

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    Default Depend returning to plastic backed

    I got a letter from Kimberly Clark because I had complained about the new cloth backed ones. The letter stated that in mid April they are going back to a plastic backed tape on.
    I will still not be buying from Depend any longer because I prefer the better diapers online. Just letting the younger ABDLs.

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    If they are as cheap as they use to be i may buy a pack just for old times sake and to save one diaper for my collection of every diaper I've worn.

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    If they're at least as good as they were, I'll have use for them. They were right on the bubble of form and function so I'm hopeful but skeptical after their disappointing clothbacked release.

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    I was actually wondering if they might reverse their stand on this. Their product review page posted overwhelmingly negative reviews, with the average rating being one star out of five (and that's only because you couldn't rate them any lower!).

    It would be a sensible business decision: I imagine the volume of complaints correlated to a significant drop in sales. My feeling was that they were hoping to drop the plastic backed diapers and push disgruntled consumers to try their other maximum protection products, which are also crap and more expensive.
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    Ha, I called it! Depends caters to the baby boomers more than anyone else. I knew as the baby boomers got older then eventually the cloth backed crap they've wanted wouldn't be enough. Sooner or later their generation would demand plastic backed. And here we are.

    Now if only the baby boomers will get to a point where they need good plastic backed diapers.

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    If this is true, then it gives me some hope yet for the future of plastic backed. Why did Abena keep the plastic M-L4 line the states? Consumer backlash and loss of sales. Why is Depends now doing a 180 on their decision to switch Depends to cloth backed? If this is true then same deal here, consumer backlash and loss of sales. I think plastic backed still has hope left if we just realize just how much power we as consumers have and tap into that. However, the AB/DL market is a small minority niche market, and we can't do this alone. We need to unite with active incontinent people and caregivers and demand more options, and more importantly demand what actually works for us. I can't help but worry about the future of plastic backed, but perhaps the outlook may not be as bleak as I initially thought.

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    The smart thing to do is offer both kinds. Many do.

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    I'll believe it when I see it. Also like to see that note. I'd more likely believe they'd let it go the way of boost inserts and undergarments.

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    Tena did it with their active fit. Not as good as the old ones imo, but at least a return to plastic backed.

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