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    I was at my nanas and I put on a diaper after I got to their house, I tried on their clothes and showed my nana and grandad my clothes, my nana wem to to brush my skirt I tried on and I felt a hand on my diaper! Her hand had accidnetly brushed my diaper, when I came out the room, I put my hand there and defiantly felt a bit of bulk of a diaper, I don't know how she didn't feel it! She never said anything but that was scary!

    She had plenty of oprotunites to ask why I was wearing and she never did, thank goodness, I think she forgotten about it but that was scary, her hand only just brushed the diapers bulge! That was lucky!

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    Too spooky, I cant understand how some of you guys can wear near people, It would scare the hell out of me D:

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    I doubt she just "forgot" about it, but seeing as you're incontinent, it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Maybe she already knew.

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    She doesn't really know but I'm only wearing them as convience because of my overactive bladder and that fact I can sometimes get the feeling to empty my bowels too late and I could have an accident sometimes, my bladder hasn't changed much since I was a child so I would consider myself partially incontient.

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