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Thread: My moms personality ( a theory)

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    This is just a theory but my nana who is my mom's mom, is quite judgmental and very vanilla and hates anything abnormal.

    I told her about playing with toys and being childlike without mentioning baby space and she seems to be trying to accept it but she makes out I'll grow out of it and it's a copingmechinsm like it's a mental illness and it just shouldn't be there, saying "oh, you're 19 now, you're not a little girl anymore and you shouldn't want to play with toys anymore, people are going to think you're strange, it's not normal" , ok fair enough she has a point, but I have tried to explain to her time and time again that my little side won't effect my adult side on how I'm going to get friends and get a job and keep it, but she won't listen and keeps interrupting me, so I calmly explained it to her again and said she upset me as she was comparing me to my older brother who has a history of sleeping in late and not being able to keep a job and it's upsetting she thought I was going to be like that before I even got my first job and I explained that I have been getting up in time for work a lot more now and she wouldn't take any notice.

    Now my mom was quite grumpy, she was very similar to me before I found my little side and suffered from depression and got bullied, we would both blow up at little things, take out our anger on objects, cry a lot and have a go at each other and have a short temper, now my theory is that she could of been like me, having a little side, not nesserly with diapers and stuff but toys in general, I think she had a little side as when in later life she took up art, she used to make models for animated films she made, she had a very good imagination and her wok was so good, we had the same sense of humour and she loved designing things a bit like me, she was happy when she did that, she used to talk about the toys she had back when she was a little girl and what she did with them, I could always make her laugh and interest her in theory's and we discussed our childhoods and what we wanted to do fun wise in the future.

    On the other hand growing up, she told me she tried to commit suicide,I only found this out because she got a call from college after I told staff about my suicide attempt, she never told me why she tried to commit suicide but her mom never let her do things she wanted to do, she wanted to ride a horse so badly that when she wasn't allowed she rode it without any lessons and broke her arm. I have a feeling if I was my moms, mom daughter, I would have serious mental issues as they tend to be naturally snoopy and I have a feeling that my diapers and toys would be thrown out often and I would be in serious trouble and have the living shit beaten out of me, yes I know I'm brave for bringing my diapers, I have had some close calls! I would have mental issues because back in the 70s i would not have the internet and alternative lifestyles wouldn't be well known and plus I wouldn't have the resources like we do now, so I'm very lucky that my family always encouraged me to be myself.

    I have a feeling that my mom has a repressed little side because she was forced to give up toys early and grow up too fast and not been allowed to go back, (she even got told off for buying a Garfield plush at age 17!), nana always seemed to indirectly point out flaws and my whole family thinks she's rude and nasty, which is a paradox because I love her and want to see her but she can be rude at times and make you feel bad because I'm not perfect! I had a little more patience and I know I can prove her wrong in the end! (Littles can be successful in life!) mom also sucked the thumb for a long time but I think she got forced to grow up so she got bitter and forced me and my brother to grow up early because she would always go on about me needing to grow up when I had princess stuff at age 8! And getting yelled at for pants wetting when I had continence problems!

    That's my theory on her anyway, I feel sorry for her for how she grew up and I would of waited to see what she would of been like if she had diffnet parents that allowed her to indulge in little side, I think it's such a shame that she felt she could never be little again and be a kid.

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    I too have a theory about people with different personalities, I often wonder about what some people would say as apposed to other people due to their different personalities and I compare the two, I know one thing for sure is that a lot of conservative people often disregard fetishes as evil devil practice, that doesn't mean everyone who is conservative usually just the older folks who grew up long ago in a world where normal was, marrying the opposite sex, plain sex with no special lubes or devices, no foreplay ect the list goes on and on. I have a theory that progressives are more accepting of the fetish community but I have yet to confirm or build onto that theory.

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    It's jus a shame isn't it, I know my mom would of been a different person if she had been raised by somebody else.

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