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    Default Salutations!

    Hello, making use of the introduction forums... I am Tom, i just turned 16 years old, have always been into the whole thing of tb etc... Since at least 7-8 years old i can remember. Yet i still have not managed to act on it.. who knows, mayby soon.

    thanks for the great site

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    Welcome to the Forums. It's always nice to have a new addition to the community!

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    Welcome to ADISC, tommyb. It's always good to see new people joining.

    Enjoy the site, and don't be afraid to post!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Hey, tommyb. Welcome to the forum.

    In the words of TSA, don't be afraid to post

    But seriously, if you got any questions - no matter how stupid you think it is - ask away! It is a support community, after all.


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    Dude, strap a diaper on and get going!

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    Welcome. Hope that this site can bring you valuable information of the *b/dl lifestyle. This is 50.

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