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    Hello everyone!

    My Name is Aaron I'm currently 27 years old I live around and am from the South or Southwest parts of Arkansas and I've lived around that area almost all my life I'm a shy average Christian guy who just for some reason like's to wear diapers some times I don't really know why I just for some reason do. But I don't always wear diapers just because I wont to because to be honest I do and have and always have had a slight bed wetting problem and still do and no my parents never made me wear diapers to help deal with it. But I didn't started wearing diapers again until around when I was 16 at night both to help deal with my bed wetting and because I thought I would probably not like or want to wear diapers any more if I started wearing them to help deal with my bedwetting but I was definitely wrong. I also have a lot of regressive tendencies and or interest you could say and always have I'm really not shore why but iv always tried to hide that part of me from every one and am just beginning to let that side of me out more than I have in the past and am happier since I have when I am able to let that side of me out fully I fill more like a 2 or 3 year old or some time a few years older then that but if I had to say most of the time I fill more like I'm a 2 year old and the weird thing to me is most of the time I don't even need to be wearing diapers or any thing to get that way. And in short I'm a ABDL, a Little and have a lot of other regression-like interests. As far as interest go I like older video games playing with toy reading drawing and painting reading my favorite book series are the Harry potter books the Eragon books and all the OZ book buy L. Frank Baum an a lot of other books and book series. which is slightly ironic how much I like to read because I have a slight type of reading disability. I also like any thing you can do out side like gardening camping hiking and a lot of other thing. I love animal my favorite animals or a hawk or if you cant guess by my name on here wolfs I'm just look for nice people to talk to. thanks for reading this and sorry if its to long I'm not good at Talking about or describing myself I hope I did ok

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    Welcome to the group

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    What older video games do you like? As an older ... um "younger person" ... myself I end up liking a lot of those old games! We talking Mega Man? Final Fantasy 6 (SNES US release), Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, or System Shock, Wing Commander, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master?

    I like the Oz books as well... though it may be because it was in one of them that I first encountered the idea of a boy who was actually a girl... was kind of a mind blowing idea at the time...

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I've thought about reading the Oz books as they sound interesting. My wife and I are watching the "Emerald City" series on TV.

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    Hello Wolf1900 and welcome to the group.

    Very nice and informative introduction.


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    I love that TV show both i didn't get to see the first episode but I'v seen all the rest of it.

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