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    Default Assurance Stretch Briefs anyone tried these? I saw these the other day at Walmart and was quite curious about them but decided to ask someone who's had experience with them before buying them. has anyone ever used these before? How thick are they? What do they look like in real person out of the package? How absorbent are they?

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    Tried them when sams was carrying them. Took them back for a refund. Fit was bad around the legs.

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    I hate them, to put it in perspective I use to wear a large of the old version (all of walmarts have been based on various versions prevail had out, and this is the latest worst one prevail introduced) comfortably... I can't even get a snug enough fit with the s/m because of how they fasten wasted two bags trying to get it to fit.. As far as thick, they are about as thin as diapers in stores come these days so if you are looking for thick, look on amazon and by some tena supers, 35 gets you a case of those.

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    They are the worst diaper I've ever tried. They're cheap but not even worth the price in my opinion. They felt like a thong every time I wore one. If they were the only diaper available I think that might actually make me loose interest in diapers.

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    Just okay if just want a little padding but as far as use goes...umm? A little dousing and a small load is all these little guys can handle. The above poster was right when he compared them to a thong which is right on the money so to speak.

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    I haven't tried the stetch briefs, but their regular ones sucked horribly.

    They are paper thin, the padding clumps and breaks apart withing an hour of wearing them. And worst of all they can barely hold one moderate wetting. They absolutely will leak if you flood them, or try to use them for more than two hours.

    Assurance is not assuring, but they are a complete waste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Assurance is not assuring, but they are a complete waste.
    Ironic that brands like Assurance and Depends aren't very "assuring" or "dependable".

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