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Thread: Greetings and aloha!

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    Default Greetings and aloha!

    Hello!! I'm southern princess but you can call me Sofia. I'm new to here but not new to ABDL.

    But before getting to my AB/little side, I live in the outer banks of North Carolina near Cape Hatteras. I spent my days surfing and fishing,exploring the outer banks. After living here for 29 years,I still have not discover all what the outer banks have to offer. In college,I study Marine Biology with minor in Oceanography. I went to graduate school, I got master in Oceanography and I'm still debating whether I want go back, get Ph.D.I'm also certified diver, I got permits to cave and wreck dive. This summer, I want get license for nitrox and rebreather.Also,I want explore the outerbanks more.

    Now to my AB/little side,I been an AB since my sophomore year in college. I discover it, it was way to cope with all the stress from my classes. Since then I been an AB, I think being AB saved me from a lot of stress and problems during college.Lately,my partner and I have started exploring the dynamics of mommy/little relationship. I really like being little being order, having mommy in control of me. My partner really relish the mommy role, I hope its something we can continue to explore.

    That's everything about me. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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    Hello southernrincess and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.

    I am a Naui Certified master diver with 185 dives. Unfortunately I have not been in the water for 11 years. I am sure you do not have to contend with 55 degree 10 ft vis though.
    I am a retired research biologist/ Animal Care Technologist, however my major area of study was botany and ecology.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    You're super lucky to have such an open relationship and an understanding Mommy so early in life! *pouts*

    Still... I'm happy for you! I just got into a good open place with my wife and it's been amazing to have her get in touch with her Mommy side as well...

    I grew up on the east coast, so I know Cape Hatarres! Have you dived anywhere else? Does your Mommy enjoy diving too

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    I have dived off Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. My partner/mommy loves diving even though she isn't certified cave nor wreck diver .

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