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Thread: Getting "Caught" Stories

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    Exclamation Getting "Caught" Stories

    Just interested in hearing some of your experiences with getting "caught' or discovered/whatever. To me, its always interesting to hear these to see how people made the situation.

    I have never been discovered or anything just some fairly close calls. I am aware that it might happen one day. It cant hurt to "prepare" or know how to make light of such a situation. so:

    Real experiences only please. What did you say? who was it? where was it etc..

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    I had a surgery earlier in the year and wore during my recovery using the recovery as an excuse to anyone who saw. That being said, a friend of mine and her friend took me out to lunch and they wanted to see where they did the surgery. I had already told my friend before hand I was wearing but I don't think her friend knew and she reacted fine with it. I mean, it was unmistakable I was wearing, I had on a plastic backed M4 and that waistband is a dead giveaway. Anyways, we went to lunch and nothing was mentioned about my diapers.

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    The first time I was caught and someone said something about it was when I was back in kindergarten, I was one of the last childs to be picked up by his parents so it was only me, one teacher and her daughter, so I knew that there was a room where they put and save the diapers for kids who needs them or for accidents so knowing that, I just go in that room and then I start searching them, so I found them in a shelf that was out of my range, so I just push a chair to get to to them and then I pick one and I started rubbing it between my legs over my skirt, and then the teacher came in to the room with his daughter and she ask me: Are those yours? I was so ashamed that the only thing I did was to close my eyes and say no, then I put them back on the shelf and ran to the principal door, where I spend the time waiting for my parents.

    Fortunately, my teacher didn't said a word to my parents. I suppose the reason why they catch me was because I made noise when I push the chair to the shelf

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    I've never been caught wearing a diaper. But I did get caught one time wetting my pants on purpose. Worst day of my life. I was so ashamed.

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    Default All my times...

    Most of the times I've been caught were between the age of 4-6. I got better at hiding it in my teenager years

    First time (that i can) remember getting caught was probably when i was 4 years old. Was supposed to be napping and snuck a diaper from my sisters changing table. Got caught wearing it by my dad. Got in trouble.

    Second time was when i was again supposed to be napping. Was about 5. My older sisters had set up a tent on their bed for me to sleep in for nap. I snuck out of the room grabbed like 5 of my sisters diapers and put one on in the tent. Got caught wearing by my mom.

    Third time was in a different house. Was about 6. Again during nap snuck more diapers. Got caught because i wore a bunch and tossed them in the small bathroom waistbin.

    Shortly after the diapers in the house dried up...

    Next time was when i was 10. Little brother was a bedwetter and had to wear goodnites to bed. I would to sneak into my parents bedroom while they were asleep and grab one out of their closet. Getting caught in their closet empty handed many many times before i ever successfully got one out of their room. My mom found it used in my bathroom trashbin and confronted me about it.

    Last time i got caught i was about 15. I had taken one of my nieces diaper. I had locked myself in the bathroom to wear it. Later someone started knocking. In a panic i tried to flush the diaper down the toliet. It clogged it... Drain was snaked. My mom and step dad found the used diaper and tried to send me to therapy. I didnt understand why i felt this way about diapers still and refused to talk about it. My mom finally stopped paying to make me go since i wouldn't talk about it to them.

    I've had 3 close calls since then but never got caught.

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    If we're counting times when we were really little, I got caught twice.

    The first time I was about 6 and had a basket of stuffed animals in my room, and some old diapers for use putting on the stuffed animals. One morning I thought "this would be really great if I could put one on", so I sat in bed trying them on. I was being very scientific about it, arranging them by size first and then checking the fit in ascending order before I actually started taping. Unfortunately my little sister decided to burst into my room, saw the diapers, then ran into my parents room to wake them up and tell them I was putting on diapers (like... wtf?). I quickly hid everything and then pretended I didn't know what my sister was talking about. I went to try again a few days later but my diaper collection had mysteriously vanished.

    Then there was another time a few months later when I found a large diaper that actually fit me. I took it into the bathroom and wore it. Then I really wanted to wet it but I couldn't, so I poured warm water down the front. At that point I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, so I set it on the floor in my sister's closet thinking it would dry out. About a day later my mom found it and I overheard her questioning my sister (who was like 3-4) about it. I thought about not saying anything, but I felt bad about my sister possibly getting in trouble. I stood there listening for a minute while I formulated a plan. Then I walked in and told my mom that I'd been mad at my sister and poured water in the diaper in hopes that it would be discovered that she'd get in trouble. For some reason it seemed better to me to make up a story about some wrongdoing on my part than admit I had been wearing it.

    After that I got a lot smarter about hiding it, and if I've been caught since, no one said anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlson View Post
    I've never been caught wearing a diaper. But I did get caught one time wetting my pants on purpose. Worst day of my life. I was so ashamed.
    Growing up I was never caught in the actual act of wetting. But there were times I was discovered soon after the fact. With no alternative, I always claimed “accident” even though it made zero sense. For example, one afternoon long after I had stopped taking naps I crawled in bed and slowly wet it!

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    I didn't get caught too often the days when I still lived at home with my parents. I do remember one time when I was around 4 or 5 (and potty trained) my parents had the left over diapers in their closet so that they could give them away to someone that needed them. One day I snuck one diaper and went to my room. I remember pulling my pants and underwear down to around my knees and put the diaper in place around my groin area but i did not fasten it. I kept the diaper in place by keeping my legs close together. I was dancing around the room and having fun and suddenly my dad opened the door and looked at me. Just as he was staring at me, the diaper fell off to the ground. I was standing their with a diaper on the floor and my pants and underwear around my knees. It felt like slow motion. My dad just smiled though and said "Alright. Put that away." I was very careful from then on and I don't recall any other times I was really caught.

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    Well, my parents came across my stash in a weird way. This happened when I was first finding out about ABDL and diapers like this and stuff. And I had a drawer full of goodnites I had baught from the pharmacy down the street. And once I had used one of the goodnites, I would put it in the drawer to take out to the trash after my parents had gone to bed. But one day, I didn't have school. So I decided to spend my day in diapers. And I had used about 4 or 5 over the course of the whole day. And I forgot to take them out after my parents went to bed because I fell asleep. So when they came up to my room for some odd reason, they smelled the wet goodnites. And they opened up the drawer and found the whole stash. So now, I have learned I need to hide my diapers much better.

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    I have never been caught but have come very close many times. This morning I woke up to the sound of my wife coming into the living room only to realize that I had fallen asleep posting to this site. I closed the computer with it still up and set it down. We use my computer to watch TV and Netflix so for the next three hours all I thought was, "please don't go to watch anything!" She went back to bed and I finished my post before retiring to sleep.

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