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Thread: Talking about diaper RP with a younger audience

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    Question Talking about diaper RP with a younger audience

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    I'm I starting RP I am just disusing the topic.

    Now in genral since they are Teenage Babies in the fandom and probably some more younger once at like diapers. Urrgh...

    I want to talk about the subject of people who are under the age of 18 role playing diaper role play or DRP?

    So what are your thoughts. To be fair I already do this with a few furs from babyfur me but I want to hear your side. Is it accseptable to diaper rp with someone who is bellow that 18 age rating or should it not be done?

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    I would not do that- that's my opinion but it all depends on you after all. If you talk with him/them about sexual side of the topic then I recommend you to stop and maybe proceed once they are adults. I believe you talk to almost-adult (16-18yo) who are capable of sexual act but it's still illegal... I personally joined adisc once I turned 18.

    Imagine his parents find out that their child talks to some pervert (They wouldn't understand and never would want). They would at the worst sue you and you would be screwed.
    Ok, I admit I'm overthinking but If I had been in such a situation I would immediately stop. Well I would never start in the first place.

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    I personally believe it goes against our bill of rights to discriminate based on someones age- because it it.

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    I do not find it acceptable, considering the connotations that go along with being a "dl" or diaper Lover.

    Why do you need to involve people under the ages of 18 exactly?

    Am I missing something here?

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    I'm sure it would depend on what is said during the role play, but once it drifts into something sexual, ...yeah, get a good lawyer. It's not a position I would ever put myself in. It's not worth it in any way one might look at it, and what's the reward? Ten years in prison if something got really out of hand?

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    Sexual or not, you are risking a lengthy prison sentence and a life sentence on the sexual predator list. Inappropriate contact with a minor is not acceptable.

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    As long as it's strictly fictional roleplay and you don't do stuff like exchanging personal details, photos or contact information with eachother, I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be an issue. That said, going to a site where people under 18 are allowed and doing fetish (no, nobody cares about any "ackshually, it's a lifestyle!" retorts you might make. You know who you are.) roleplay there likely breaks the rules of that site. Of course, it's common knowledge that 18+ rules never stop anyone who's underage but interested in joining a site from doing so, but if you keep ABDL roleplay to 18+ sites like you should, you can't run into any legal issues even in the extremely unlikely case someone were to try causing trouble over you roleplaying with someone who turned out to be underage, since the fault would be with them for going to an 18+ site to begin with.

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    Even if I liked that kind of roleplaying, I can't see any way in which I'd find it okay to do with someone under 18. Although the ABDL thing is sexual for me, I'm perfectly capable of keeping the two apart when necessary. That is not an adequate defense. When conversing with a minor, I think it's prudent to expect that anything you say could be read by a parent or later by law enforcement or a media outlet and we can't rely on there being adequate context even if what you were doing was as pure as the driven snow.

    I was willing to take that risk talking to ABDL minors about real problems and even then, there were things I wouldn't discuss. This is just a catastrophe waiting to happen and what is the benefit in the first place? There are plenty of grown adults who like weird roleplay. Play with them.

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    Role-playing with the topic of Diaper Lover/ing, Teenage Babies, with teens under the age of 18?
    I don't have any experience with legal stuff.

    I'd say it would be illegal.

    If you want to roleplay with someone under the age of 18 (Let's call this person 'X'), if the roleplay DOES NOT include anything SEXUAL, then I do believe it is legal. Asking if it is acceptable is a different question all together because you are asking someone about their moral views and moral views has nothing to do with the Law (Insert Judge Dredd here.)

    Strictly speaking, writing and roleplaying that include under-age characters is legal because it is a form of speech which is protected under the First Amendment, which, to my surprise, doesn't ONLY protect negative views against the government to be spoken freely without fear of being arrested.

    Roleplaying with anyone under the age of 18 (or consent based on where they live (It's different world-wide but the majority is 16-18 years old)) is fine. Roleplaying with the intent of including sexual nature with someone under the age of 18, in my opinion, would be illegal.

    Truth be told, if you rp in Discord, I doubt anyone would really care unless their parents found out and 'X' is 14 years old. Then the parents could potentially, given that you gave your information with them and asked for something in forms of pictures or sexual content in return, charge you with Child Exploitation. Having a Sex-Offender charge under your belt is the fastest way to royally screw your life over. Add the fact that it was charged because it included sexual stuff with a minor, Life is over for you.

    I wouldn't do it if I were you. That's a touchy subject. There's a lot to lose and, quite frankly, you could get more experienced and elaborate RP's from people over the age of 18.
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