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Thread: I need some help

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    Default I need some help

    Ok, so I know it might come off as strange, but I want to whether my love for diapers is an interest, or a sexual fetish. I'm having a really hard time trying to decide which It is so I need some advice. What are some things that would point to it being a fetish, or just an interest?

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    Well, I would think the difference would be largely self-apparent. That is, does the thought of or act of wearing diapers "turn you on", or does seeing the gender you find appealing with a diaper on "get you going"?

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    The best way to answer this is go through the threads in both Adult baby/ little and here and then you will have the information to be able to answer that question.

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    I don't get "tuned on" by diapers like I want to have sex or anything. I just like diapers and sometime I get... stiffy so I have no clue.

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    All fetishes are purely based on sexuality. I someone "needs" a diaper to reach a climax, or ONLY ever uses a diaper for sex, then it's a fetish. This isn't a bad thing though, and can even be healthy. But this is what it is.

    As for this being an interest, you you say it is more of a compulsion? If you ever hind you just want or even need to just wear a diaper, or otherwise feel compelled to wear one- then you are a diaper lover (DL). Don't get confused by this though. A DL most certainly can include sex with their diapers too. In this way, being a DL goes much deeper than having just a fetish.

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    Thank you for the reply. So, I'm straight. I can tell, but when I fantasize about sex, I never picture a diaper. So maybe it's not a fetish. But the only problem is, is that whenever I put on a diaper, I get very stiffy and it's kind of painful pushing myself down so much. Does this happen to anyone else? If so how do I deal with it.

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    *bump* * I really need help with this.

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    Well, don't worry about it so much?

    Why does it matter? Why can't it be *both*?!

    Enjoy your diapers *and* your stiffys! (I sure do!)

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    Like many people, my interest in diapers started when I was very young - too young for it to be a fetish. However, it most certainly is a fetish now and I think this part of it evolved I was going through puberty. So now I describe my interest in diapers as having two separate sides - emotional and sexual (fetish). But we are all different. More importantly, we all change and evolve. For example, I am much more AB than I was when I was younger. Maybe the sexual side will grow for you too.

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    I too often get a stiffy. This can happen even when I am planning to sneak into my bathroom to put one on. I do classify myself as a DL as I love the feeling of wearing and using my diapers. But I also share the sexual side as well. For me the stiffy usually subsides after a while. I just re-ajust myself. You need to find a comfortable spot with and without the stiffy. Sometimes I just need to take care of it and go #3 as I call it. I do get turned on by the opposite sex wearing and using diapers but have a healthy relationship with my wife too. So like others have said, enjoy all dimensions of your live as a DL. It is not always an easy thing.

    I fight the urge to go 24/7 these days. I find that I can wear in public and around the family without them noticing or questioning. My wife even thinks I am wearing when I am not. I resist the 24/7 urge as I know it would upset my wife some and do not need to at work. I thank this forum for helping me understand the various situations people are coping with and also a place to share. It helps be between times too.

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