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Thread: Anyone like peeing their pants?

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    Question Anyone like peeing their pants?

    Obviously most of us enjoy diapers but is there anyone on here that likes putting on a pair of jeans or pajama pants and holding their bladder until it is bursting amd then just let go soaking your pants, for me its a wonderful feeling I feel naughty and ashamed but in a good way, is anyone else like this?

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    It's something I'll do once in a rare while and haven't felt the desire to do so recently. I'll stand in my tub before my shower and wet myself. I guess it's pretty low priority on my list of desires though.

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    The only time I enjoy it is when I am riding my bike. I wear black shorts and my tiger trainers. There is a section on my ride where there is little car traffic. With a full bladder I let it rip and it soaks my trainers and shorts quite nicely. By the end of the ride I'm fairly dry...well, at least not dripping. Love the FL heat and sun.

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    Yep ... I like to pee my pants. XD

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    When I'm outside of the house walking or jogging and there's no washroom available or they're closed then I use my protective underwear, Tena active, they absorb pretty well but then I feel all the liquid running in the center of the padding and when I'm back in the house just I change it right away. They're very absorbent but I feel yuck.��

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    I pee in white underpants and 1970s style shorts from time to time. Makes me feel like a little kid again!

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    what I would not give to be dry . Being wet plain out and out sucks! I dont wish this on anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xpluswearer View Post
    what I would not give to be dry . Being wet plain out and out sucks! I dont wish this on anyone. Seriously if you like it you need major mental help .
    Well I'm not sure how many people enjoy actual full-blown incontinence but I think saying people who like to wet themselves for fun need mental help is taking it a bit far... I mean, for most who like it, it's a sexual fetish, and those usually aren't all that reasonable in the normal sense of the word... Live and let live!

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