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Thread: Living with, or without people

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    Default Living with, or without people

    Due to my endless curiosity I have a question. Who wears more? DLs and ABs who live alone, or the others who have roommates or still live with parents. I for example only wear some time to time. Even when I feel like wearing almost daily. I buy to packs of diapers at a time that last almost 6 months.

    Sorry for posting so much but I need a detraction from life

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    Well I would assume that ABs and Dls who live alone would typically wear more, just because they have the freedom to.

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    I agree with Carlson. I've never worn due to still living with my family.

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    Alone for the last ten years and have worn near every day. I've never lived with an ABDL accepting person so whenever I have shared my life with another my diaper wearing was infrequent and in secret.

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    I have an accepting wife so I wear every night and a couple days a week when I can stay home all day. I'm not sure that helps much. Mostly it comes down to opportunity and desire. There may be some people who live alone but may not want to wear all the time. They may have a job 5 days a week were it would be highly impracticable to wear. They may also be tired or have other things to do when they return home. There are all sorts of variables here.

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    Yeah, I'd imagine that goes to people who live alone. I'm so envious of them! I still live with my parents and a brother and sister, so in order for me to be diapered, I have to do so in the privacy of my incredibly small room. I hate being cooped up in there all the time - really wish I could just romp around the house in a diaper without anyone caring. Someday I'll fly free from the next, and when I do, it really will be a glorious day indeed.

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    You pose an excellent question and I look forward to reading the discussion that follows. Personally, I wore more when I lived alone than when I lived with fellow ab/dls. The desire to wear is always with me, but is usually not strong enough to actually wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluehusky View Post
    You pose an excellent question and I look forward to reading the discussion that follows.
    Really? It's not a stupid question, but it's sure an abvious one... Unless you're medically required to wear diapers, almost everyone who lives with someone else has to at least sometimes NOT wear diapers in deferrence to somebody else's feelings, over concerns of being "discovered", because of feelings of shame/guilt/embarassment, etc... Living with somebody who is 100% supportive of the AB and/or DL lifestyle is clearly the exception, not the rule.

    So, of COURSE if you live alone, and DON'T have to worry about somebody else's feelings, don't have to worry about being discovered, etc... you wear more often. Sure, there are exceptions, and we envy them, but anybody who spends any time on an AB/DL board or forum know that's what they are, exceptions.

    There are tons of reasons why a "real" AB/DL might choose NOT to wear diapers. Living alone negates about 95% of them. About the only reasons an AB/DL who lives alone doesn't wear diapers as often as they want to are cost and convenience/hassle/comfort. When you live with somebody, you DON'T wear all of the times you want to for LOTS of reasons. When you live alone, there are VERY few reasons left not to wear any time you want to... The end result? People who live alone indulge themselves more. Shocker.

    If it isn't patently obvious, I wore rarely when I lived with wife/family. Now that my kids are grown and I've separated from my wife, I wear much, MUCH more often, normally 24/7. What a surprise. Discussion?

    PS... Absolutely nobody wears MORE diapers "because" they are with somebody. All of the answers will be either "My partner/wife/roommate accepts me, so it wouldn't change if I was alone.", or, "Yeah, I wear more now that I live alone...". There's not going to be anybody saying, "My wife just LOVES diapering me so much, she diapers me even when I don't want it... Hell, I diaper MYSELF just to make HER happpy.. I would NEVER wear diapers so often if she didn't make me wear them!". If there is, I'm calling BS on it in advance
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    My sister and her boyfriend lived with me, I would have more of a urge to wear though almost never wore. Now if im having a stress full day, its daipers when I go to bed.

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    This question has many different variables.

    Stress level.
    Accepting partners.
    Desire control.
    Self acceptance.
    and of course need.

    The answer can be different for everyone depending on their situation.
    Some who wears for desire can match that of a person who needs. A bedwetter could match that of a AB who wants to wear for comfort. It all depends purely on the people in question.

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