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Thread: Rubber or silicone pacifiers

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    Default Rubber or silicone pacifiers

    in my opinion i like silicone pacifier

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    We have sold both in the past and no only do food grade silicone

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    I have one of each and it doesn't matter to me as long as I have one in my mouth.

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    I'm obsessed with latex pacifiers. They're softer and much nicer in the mouth. Also, after using them for a month or so, they feel a lot softer and like they fit perfectly into your mouth.

    I've tried silicone and just can't do it. It feels wrong but then again, I'm very biased since I've always used latex paci's for 19 years.

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    I would have to go silicone on this one. I think the newer pacis silicone is much softer than earlier designs. The newest one I have is from little for big and it is super soft. They did design a sort of edge hardener into the silicone that makes the edges a bit stiffer than aww so cute's. (Not saying the aww so cute is bad, it's very soft and slightly smaller than little for big's) Also in the past I have found latex to develop weird flavors that don't wash out with regular paci maintenance. I just wish the ABDL based companies listed above would make the guards just a little bit bigger. It seems like a bigger sucker but same kid size guard.

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    For this BABY girl,I love all NEWBORN baby pacifiers between my lips!!!

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    I've right now only latex pacis, because preferences.

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