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Thread: What are you doing right now?

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    Default What are you doing right now?

    I'm wondering if everybody could post a pic of what they are doing whether it's little space or adult space once a day as a blog/blog sort of thing and comes back everyday to repost kinda like the "what diaper are you wearing stash?" Just because I'm interested in what everybody is doing.

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    I'm in little space right now after watching Simpsons and I'm loving how bright and colourful these blocks are and their shapes are awesome!

    I'll post tommorow

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    (To the mods) can this be a sort of thread where members can share their adult baby and adult life pictures so we can share our lives together and what we are doing in the world? (One where it stays open all the time so everybody can post their stuff for years to come, a bit like the stickys in "diaper talk" like the threads "what diaper are you wearing?" And " show us your stash"

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    P.s you don't have to show your face if you feel uncomfortable with the idea

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    Nice idea for a thread, hope it takes off. I am currently going through my retro games collection after playing some of them for a few hours. Looking at all the old boxes, booklets and associated paraphernalia makes me think of happy times. I will not show it all as it would take a while but I have been going through my Dreamcast 2D fighter and Heroes of Might and Magic collection this evening. Oh the joy!
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    Being disabled I spend a lot of time reading.
    I have a couple thrift stores with large book racks and i pick up a couple paperbacks every time i am there.
    Now i have a shopping bag full ready to read when i need a new book.

    Now that its warming up i may take a 100 mile trip to a hot springs to soak for a day.

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    It's at a great start, thanks for your posts so far!

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    Right now, I'm in bed about to change my diaper.

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    Currently in bed. Just brushed my teeth, trying to ease my anxiety enough to sleep.

    Great idea for a thread!

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    I am watching "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoons.

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    6:30am and having a coffee outside wearing my wet underpants.
    I sat on the concrete and "had an accident....." oops.

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    Default Playing with Lego.

    Sucking on a paci, in my footed onesie and playing with Lego. Going out tomorrow to buy more toys (yay!)

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    I'm going to buy a Thomas the Tank Engine aqua doodle, some wooden building blocks and... I don't know what else lol. But I've got some money to waste and I'm happy to "waste" it on toys.

    Edit: I decided to get over my fear and upload a picture. I feel I can trust you guys.
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