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Thread: ABUniverse shipping problems?

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    Default ABUniverse shipping problems?

    I placed an order for some SDK's from ABUniverse, but have not received notification that the item has shipped. The order was placed on March 7, with the funds taken out of my bank account on the same day. Has anybody experienced difficulties like this recently? I am sure it has to do with a company expansion, but I would like to at least see something on their web site that could explain the delay.

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    I place an order on the 8th and just got my shipping notice today. They're playing catch up with the new warehouse opening and over 1000 orders placed for all the new goodies. I'm sure they'll get caught up quickly.

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    It will be nice once everything is set up so that I can get an order delivered sooner. Then I won't have to plan a week in advance, or end up buying inferior goods to carry me through until the next shipment.

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    I waited to buy two packs of diapers from ABU literally the moment I saw the notification that they restocked. The website was so incredibly slow! I did so on March 1st, to be exact. It wasn't until the 8th where I got the notification that it was finally being shipped. I'm still waiting for the diapers as I type this. Perks of getting free shipping, am I right? It's so hard being patient!

    But yeah, I think the restock and just the sheer amount of orders that could've come flooding in has a lot to due with this relative slowness. Hope this isn't always the case for anyone else!

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