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    So I am going to order my first cloth diaper. I wanna go with a flat diaper (one I can fold myself) I been looking and sofar I think i may like to go with Drydays 60x60 terry. I also see cuddlz has like the same thing. do any of you have a preference between the two. or do you know somewhere else i should look. all help would be great.
    Also I need plastic pants and I wanna go a print design. so any help pointing me to some sites would be helpful.

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    I use pre-fold , so I can not help there.

    However, I do buy mine from Baby Pants and have had a lot of good products. Just be careful on the size. I went with my "cloths size" and blew the side seams. The person who owns it is a member and they PM me and I went with the next size up. They wear and "breath" a lot more comfortable.

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    well here is a question you can answer. Is there easyier ways to pin the cloth together. and also how far do i need to go thru the bottem portion. I folded a sheet into a diaper and pinned it on with baby diaper pins. Damn I busted out into a sweat. well it dont help the bedroom is like 90 degrees.

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    also where you order your plastic pants?

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    If you look in the group "Society for cloth appreciation" there is a thread on how best to pin a diaper.

    I order mine online direct from

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    I too wear pre-folds. I get them through the All Together Diaper Co which is All Together Enterprises. Both Leakmaster and Gary make excellent plastic pants. Plastic pants with baby designs are a lot of fun but PUL plastic pants will last a long time and you can wash them in the washing machine. Never put plastic pants in the dryer, but rather, hang them up to dry.

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