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Thread: I got Inked

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    Default I got Inked

    Earlier today I went in to get a tattoo at 6pm.. after 3 1/2 hours it was done.
    I got a tribal wolf tattoo on my left upper arm but it is still in the making because im going to add a moon for a background it killed my pocketbook tho but it is well worth it. It was a add on for my tribal and wolf kanji

    Before the full ink:

    After The Full ink:

    the image:

    Original sketch for the tattoo by Frost Woolfe used with his permission
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    To be completely honest, I personally hate tribal tattoos. However, this is one of the few I don't hate since it's clearly meant to represent something. It's actually not bad at all. I wouldn't go for the moon, but that's just me and my personal taste talking.

    Don't listen to much to me though, since this is what I want to do when I finally get around to it:

    Ok, I won't do the cross part, but still. People who watch The Whitest Kid U Know will get it.

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    I really like it! And I usually don't like tattoos. Nice dude. How much was it?


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    If I saw that on someone I would think... "Furry"

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    I really like it! And I usually don't like tattoos. Nice dude. How much was it?

    It was around $150. also read this link it is about my artist and what inspired him: Tattoos tell the tragic tale of Eagle man's life after death of wife, baby | News Updates | Idaho Statesman(please Read it)

    I Respect Him for what he does.

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    Neat. Were it mine, I'd have had it faded in, but it's not.

    Either way, 'tis grand, and it looks like you're committed to it now.

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