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    This is a question directed at either men, or people with male organs, I'm just wondering is it normal for my testicles to "hide" not going into too much detail but sometimes both or one of them likes to retract and hide for about 5 minutes before dropping back down which is a bit "uncomfortable".

    I've had it happen once when I was crossing my legs, but it mostly happens when I eh, you know....

    I don't really have a problem with them hiding, as it makes it easier to cross dress later on, but eh, it's uncomfortable when they do hide.

    I'm just wondering is this normal? It's something that has been happening once I've been exploring my sexuality, so since 17.

    I saw another thread relating to testicles, so I thought I'll ask I've been told by people It's normal but it's not too common.

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    I had to Google this and the first site that came up said that yes, testicles can retract and go up during masturbation. It said that this can only happen if you're hung like Donald Trump. Okay, I'm kidding about that part, but the first part is true, at least according to the health site. I suspect that everyone is a little different so what may happen with one person doesn't with another.

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    My husband's penis hides because it really shrinks so it's like it's tucked inside his body and then it's sticking back out again. He is the only man I have seen it happen to. I don't know if this answer is helpful and if this is what you were talking about.

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    Uh, that would be micro penis and isn't directly related to the testicles hiding.

    And yes, it can happen to most anyone. Especially after evacuation.

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