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    I know a lot of abdl's don't have hair on there pubic and anal regions, but I'm wondering was is the best way to remove that hair. I've tried shaving but it is hard to remove the hair from all areas. It also goes prickly within a day, so is the a method to remove all the hair and stay smooth for a few days?

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    I'm relatively new to the hair removal aspect of diapers. I read that Nair has a removal powder that works well, but I haven't tried it. I use Veet waxing strips. It's important to trim first, where possible, and keep the skin taut when using . The first couple of times it hurts like a sonofagun, but it gets much easier and less painful quite quickly. No bumps, and the hair grows back a little more slowly and a little finer/thinner each time.

    If you use diapers for everything, its vastly preferable to keep hairless. For odor control, ease of clean-up and just overall cleanliness/hygiene ��

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    I have tried brazilian hard wax a few times. Hurts like hell on the scrotum though. But with some topical Voltaren gel, a beer and a whisky beforehand made it bearable. After the second waxing I was hairless down there for about 3 weeks. And the hair that did grow out felt thinner and softer and it didn't itch so much like can when you have shaved. If you are brave, give it a try

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    Laser really seems like the way to go if you're serious. I'm slightly less serious, so I shave there every day.

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    Seconded on the laser hair removal. It's truly the only way to remove your hair for good.

    I personally just use a trimmer with a short attachment. It's quick and easy, and with the attachment never nicks my skin. Yes it needs to be repeated every month or two, but I'm at least ok with that if I'm going to keep having hair down there.

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    I'm with the others that laser is the only permanent solution.

    I would be VERY CAUTIOUS using a hair removal cream like Nair on your nether regions. I have sensitive skin and I got a horrible rash trying to use it on my underarms.

    Likewise, I would be very careful trying to shave with a razor down there. It is very easy to nick yourself and that area hurts bad when you do nick yourself. The best way to shave is with the grain at first, and only one swipe against the grain, while holding the skin taut. It is better to trim beforehand.

    As far as waxing goes, I would be careful. It can be extremely painful if not done properly. Make sure that you are using wax specifically made for the genital region, as any other kind of wax can give you a very painful rash. If you do wax, it is advisable to lotion when you are done and no sex for 24 hours.

    Trimming with an electric razor with a short attachment is the safest option. It is much harder to nick yourself, it is a much quicker process, and trimming shouldn't leave you as prickly as shaving. It may need to be done up to once a week, depending on how fast and thick your hair grows.

    Hope this helps.

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    There is a hair removal gel I found while surfing the net one day it is called Veet Gel Hair Remover Sensitive Formula it's for the genital region, maybe look that up and give it a try.

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    According to Amazon reviews, men say Veet Sensitive Formula is okay to use down there. I'm not sure if I have the guts to go through with it, though. Normally I just use shampoo down there to clean up.

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    this is an extract from my Book Caregive Little and no I still have not got around to finshing it as I keep thinkg of thiungs to add to the book but holpfull bu the end of the year.

    ok hears the extract.

    Now I am going to put something in hear that is related to wearing a diaper and is also personal preference that your little one will make.

    And that is the removal of body hair.

    Personally I don't like looking like a big hairy growler, so I keep myself clipped and shaved.

    Also I think that keeping my self-shaved, helps to keep clean as the pubic hairs are not there to trap moisture and older.

    However this is something you need to comet to this, if you are going to remove your body hair.

    The first time you shave it can feel very itchy and an after shave moisturiser cream or rash cream to calm the skin is worth having, but by keeping your self-shaved the irritation will soon calm down.

    If your little one decides that they would prefer not to have body hair there is some different ways they can have their hair removed.

    Although they may wish to do this them self-having a caregiver to talk through the options could be helpful to your little one.
    And if they to decide to have their caregiver to help them remove their body hair, then go carefully and gently, talking to them the whole time you are doing this, knowing you have a lot of trust from your little one.

    Also once the hair has been removed, this would be a good time to fit your littles chastity device, if this has been agreed to. (It is a lot easier to fit a chastity cage on a boy without any pubic hairs in the way.)

    Depending on the way that they decided to have the hair removed will determined how often they will need to do this.

    If you are just going to trim then your little one will need to have this done about twice a month depending on hair growth.
    Trimming Hair Removal Method
    You have two choices: scissors or electric trimmers. Scissors might prove the easiest and most convenient of them, but consider that they require a certain amount of skill in handling them. Without it, the result might be an untidy, messy and uneven-looking area which defeats the purpose why you did it.

    If you are new to having your pubic hair removed, you might want to try an electric trimmer instead. I would also suggest that you use an electric trimmer as Scissors don't guarantee you that the end result that is even plus you could cut the skin if you are not very careful.

    If you are going for a completely smooth look trimming your hair is the first step before moving on to shaving or waxing.

    You will need to trim yourself on a towel or on your changing mat so that the clean up afterwards is easier, you be surprised how much hair your body has. For best results it is best to do this when you are dried after a bath or shower so the hair is softer and you will find it easier to cut.

    Shaving your bobby and Pubic Hair.
    Lather the area for shaving. It is a good idea to use a shaving cream that is for sensitive skin, work the cream in to the skin this will soften the hairs.

    Begin shaving. Using a new safety razor, shave each area using short strokes.

    Make sure the part you're shaving is taut, because shaving loose skin could lead to cuts as the skin will move with the razor.

    Keep rinse the blade with hot water not so hot you are going to burn yourselfor your little, but it needs to be hot enough to warm the blades of the razor after each stroke.

    You may also need to pull out larger hairs that may have been left over from trimming.

    Don't push the razor into the skin but let glide over the skin going with the direction the hair is growing. Then change direction and go the other way. So that the hair is shaved short and the skin fills Smith to the touch.

    For boys shave the penis. Pulling the penis upward, shave from the top of the penis to the navel then by holding the penis work your way around the penis going from the top of the penis into the navel and scrotum.

    Once you have finished shaving your body hair rinse off the cream, although you already had a shower or a bath, I suggest you rinse off in the shower.

    If you are new to being clean shaven you are most likely to find the skin will irritate, once the hair starts growing back. This can be very itchy.

    Applying a rash cream will help to calm the skin down, and this will stop as you commit to being clean shaven.

    Baby oil is another option. Some people find that applying baby oil to the area immediately after shaving helps tremendously with the itch and irritation.

    After you have shaved your skin will feel smooth and nice to touch.
    There is not much clean-up after you have shave.

    You will need to commit to being clean shaven as you will need to do this two to three time a week depending on your hair growth but it become easier the more you do it and your skin seems to get used to it as well as the irritation will not be there.

    You will have to keep a watch for any ingrown hairs as this will course an irritation and they will need to be pulled out.

    Depilatories or hair removal cream.
    This is a pain freeway of removing your body hair.

    These creams dissolve hair in a matter of minutes, making it easy for you to wipe it away thereafter.

    If you choose to go for this option you'd be better of testing the product add another part of your body, so you know you are not going to get an allergic reaction to the cream. Apply a short quantity of the cream and wait 48 hours to ensure that no allergic reactions occur.

    Using hair removal cream is meant to lasts for a longer, compared to shaving,
    However the cream could leave an unpleasant smells as a lasting side effect
    You need to follow the instructions because irritation can appear if left exposure.

    Waxing I have nerve tried this as it look very painful however it is the most lonest lasting, but also the most expensive.

    However if you are a sadist I would suggest you go somewhere that can do this for you, as I would not wont to try this at home. However most waxing salons are dominated by women and this is something to will need to consider.
    If will last for about 2 to4 weeks.

    Also for boys the skin around your testicles is highly sensitive, and the salons may decline to wax this area.

    hope that helps you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Laser really seems like the way to go if you're serious. I'm slightly less serious, so I shave there every day.
    Every day?! That's pretty damned serious!

    Quote Originally Posted by siysiy View Post
    Personally I don't like looking like a big hairy growler...
    Ha ha ha! I'm guessing you don't know what "growler" means in slang?!

    Quote Originally Posted by nzabdl View Post
    I've tried shaving but it is hard to remove the hair from all areas. It also goes prickly within a day...
    The first time I shaved down there it itched like hell. The next few times, it was less itchy. After the fourth time I didn't notice any itchiness at all, really. Even after not shaving for a long time, it didn't itch when I shaved again. It definitely gets easier!

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