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Thread: Would you say the Abena M2's are discreet?

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    Default Would you say the Abena M2's are discreet?

    I'm looking for a discreet diaper to wear in public, and came across the Abena M2, any opinions on them?

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    Never used them I alway go to the l4's but they are deff not discrete

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    Pretty discreet, although not very high capacity. I wasn't much of an Abena fan, although when Depends stopped making plastic backed diapers, I turned to a bag of M2s I had in storage and they seemed really good by comparison. I was sad to see that Abena had also stopped making the 2s in plastic-backed. If that's not a problem for you, I think you'll find them a decent diaper for the price. Just don't expect them to hold a lot without a stuffer.

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    Haven't tried the 2's but I've worn the L4's in public. Throw some underwear over them if you're worried about crinkling, and avoid tightly-fitting pants, maybe wear a longer shirt, and really you should be fine. Most people you come across in public are not going to be staring at your butt.

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    on about the same level of thickness as tena ultras if I remember correctly. in other words no one will know you have one on unless its soaked or messy

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    I use both m4's and m2's. M2's are very discreet and hold an ok amount. No one notices an m4 either though

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    M4 is my go to diaper and are plastic backed all other abenas that are level 1,2,or 3 are cloth backed and hold less so I'd say they are more descreet,

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    The abena 2's are NOT discrete. They have a very high chance of leaking, and a wet spot on your pants is WAY more noticable than even the thickest diapers out there.

    If you really want discrete, go with a diaper that won't leak. (Ie, thicker).

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