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    Default AB-appropriate Clothing from "Mainstream" sources:


    I'm always on the lookout for clothing from so-called mainstream websites/sources, partly because I am large, and custom-made AB Clothing can cost a LOT, and also, generally (but not always) the quality is just better.

    I've gotten several sets of Disney Princess adult pajamas off of Amazon and Ebay. I've gotten several Disney Princess, Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse sleep shirts from the same places. I've even gotten short-alls and skirt-alls from these same sites.

    Granted, they don't have crotch-snaps, but they sure do present a nice toddler appearance, especially when paired with an apropriate shirt/onesie and shoes/socks/tights

    I've also had decent luck with Torrid/Hot Topic. Several items, but my favorite(s) being my ruffled Hello Kitty dress and my Disney Princess dress.

    Recently, I decided that I really wanted a bibbed skirt that wasn't a denim one like I already have. Shopping for a "plus-size" bib/suspender skirt that looks appropriately childish is about as difficult as it sounds....

    I finally ran across this:

    At $59.99, it's a tad more expensive than I usually spend, but it looked adorable, was sized up to 4x, and I got 20% off for it being my first order from ModCloth

    It arrived today, and I am VERY pleased. It's a little high-waisted on me (6'0"), but of course, that actually enhances the LG-look. It has large cloth-covered buttons as accents, and the bib and pockets are lined with a lovely floral pattern. The skirt bottom hits me about an inch above the knees, which again, is just about perfect for a LG, perhaps a little long for an AB girl

    The only downside (beside the cost) is it is "hand wash only/lay flat to dry". That's a little more work than I like to have for my laundry, but I still think it's worth it. The suspenders are (slightly) adjustable, and at least one reviewer stated that the buttons holding the straps are sewed on poorly. If you order this, you might want to reinforce them a little....

    I'd love to hear about any similar resources you might have found for similar items, especially in adult PLUS sizes
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    Ah that's adorable! What I wouldn't give to have it in a pastel color!!!!

    I've found a number of cute items on storenvy, but they're seldom my my size... ;_;

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    Plus-size toddler here.

    I get my ''baby'' clothes from different places. eBay for things like overalls and footie pajamas. Character t-shirts are pretty easy to come by in the men's section of stores or on their websites. I found an adult-size PAW Patrol shirt (sizes up to XXL) on a site called Uncle Jerry's Tees.

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    I've seen loads of ABDL items on Amazon for affordable prices. The onesie craze that happened a few years ago has been a dream come true for me.

    I'm going to buy this soon:

    Most of the adult baby clothes on Amazon usually only go up to a 2XL, I'm lucky that I'm only a medium (large if I want it to fit loosely on me) so I can buy all of my adult baby clothes on Amazon.
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