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Thread: Community. I need some advice?

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    Default Community. I need some advice?

    Edit: It was silly to even post this, thank you for the condolences and responses though
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    Sorry. I've already donated to a dying prince in Somalia. I'm supposed to inherit his millions. I can't wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Sorry. I've already donated to a dying prince in Somalia. I'm supposed to inherit his millions. I can't wait.
    Wait, you never got your millions? Le gasp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Sorry. I've already donated to a dying prince in Somalia. I'm supposed to inherit his millions. I can't wait.
    I almost got angry, because I thought, "He promised those millions to ME!!!". Then I remembered that MY prince was Nigerian, not Somalian Of course, he's been "dying" for seven years so far, but any day now I'm going to be RICH!!!!

    Who knew that being African Royalty had such a high mortality rate?

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    @dogboy- We can get your $$ back. I know this guy who can buy well-drilling lubricant from us at hugely-inflated prices. All we gotta do is buy the stuff @ regular price, and he'll have his company pay us 10x as much for it- all we gotta do is cut him in on a tiny bit of the profits!

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    I have lived in the same town for a long time and can remember slipping up and(drunkenly) telling at least one friend in what I thought was trust and confidence...out of loneliness and a need for understanding I'm sure,about my diaper fetish and I know it got spread around a bit...and has cost me some jobs and social standing, whatever that really means anyway. Anyway not eveyone knows. I have had a hard enough time accepting myself as I am. I think it all comes down to who we are inside and what other things (good) things we do in our community...And I am convinced that places like this site and others can and do help me(us) accept ourselves, talk with others like us, and hopefully find and interact socially and physically with them, politely,compassionately,respectfully and happily...Youdefinately have My compassion and respect...It Would seem that we do need to be mindful of others' and their often harsh reactions to, what they either don't understand, fear or might be secretly envious of...We of this persuasion(longtime 56 years) know how harsh some people can be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by unstructure View Post
    Hello, everyone. I hate to have something like this be my first post, but I'm absolutely desperate and need to reach out to the community because I don't know where else to turn to

    A little bit about myself: I'm a pretty average if anxious young man who got into both the AB and DL sides of the kink in my preteen years off of story websites. Never been able to act it out in any relationships but I've played around with it, which brings me to why I'm here

    A number of months ago I was in such a depressive rut that I got into doing webcam shows on a number of sites at night, for a good couple of weeks. Not wearing actual diapers, but dressing up spare clothes as if they were them and going to town. Foolishly enough, I showed my face a couple of times and well

    Needless to say, both screencaps, gifs and videos were recorded and I know for a fact have been spread around on a number of social media sites. I've already looked into legal counsel, and the only way it could be taken down is if it was posted on specific pages instead of spread around the way it has been

    Almost everyone in my immediate area knows that this is happened, and worse, they think I actually /used/ what I was wearing when I wouldn't dare, living with roommates. It's completely ruined my relationship with neighbors, coworkers and my community, I'm a subject of public scrutiny, harassment and discussion all day, every day, and as someone with social anxiety being the center of attention like this is making me lose my mind and start acting dsyfunctional as fuck

    This is a little who's had his public image absolutely ruined at a time when the decisions you make in life effect the rest of it, and I'm so desperate to get my life back on track

    Just having people to talk to would be welcomed, there's almost no one I can with anymore

    hi unstructure

    sorry to hear that this has happen to you. and wellcome to our community.

    hopefully in time it will pass and people will find something else to talk about.


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    Well, the best way to learn something is by making a mistake.

    Lesson learned; never post a video of yourself in a diaper on social media (with a face shot or not)

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    A tip to the wise. Joining a site and creating a first thread to ask for money sends up red flags, especially on the internet. This site is well moderated and people who ask for money are typically banned. On ADISC, we create relationships. Some of those relationships materialize in RL, but even those which remain online can be very real and genuine. People would need to get to know you before they would help out with money, and even then, it's unlikely. Because of the nature of this site, we all guard our real identities because being "found out" can cost one their employment in the real world or create other problems. Society is not there yet to accept AB/DLs.

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