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    I want to get a new avatar, this one is getting old. :P

    I want something kind of cute... something that would totally represent me but I cant find anything.

    Does anyone have a avatar, or something that I could use?

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    Well, I have a new one, but it' Highly doubt you'd want that.

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    ya, i have a lot but they are not any you would want

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    Go to photo bucket. Think about your personality, what appeals to you, turns you on, or who you are. You can put that into their search and pictures come up. That's how I found mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellipsis View Post
    Shodai made an Avatar dump in the fun n games section. Look there.
    Experts agree that you mean this one.

    But really, just do what Dogboy said. Don't find anything you like there? Try deviantART or just google one.

    Mine came into being with a google search and a minute of simple photoshopping, flipping the picture and using the clone stamp tool.

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    What about a Chocobo? We could start a club!

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