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Thread: How are you when you run out of diapers and can't get anymore?

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    Default How are you when you run out of diapers and can't get anymore?

    I was curious how ABDLS react when they have no diapers? I have to admit I constantly think about them and want them so bad not so long a week after I stopped wearing, I can cope but I have to constantly distract myself, it's not fair cuz I have no money but hopefully since my birthday is in a few days, I might get birthday money!

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    Well. Last time that i had a diaper is over a 7 years ago. For me is now like pain. I can't have a day without thinking about diapers. Terribly distracting.

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    Last time I didn't have diapers I was about 13-14 years old. I got diapers by stealing them from church, or "borrowing" them from friends who I was specifically spending the night over with because they had a sibling in large diapers. Yep. That's how much I love diapers.

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    I go to the store and buy them when i run out XD, It is rare for me to be completely out though. I usually go through a binge buying phase of a couple days and then i will have a backpack full of them in my car trunk that lasts me months!! I rarely actually use them so I only go through a diaper or two per week, efficient "mileage" !

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    I keep several thousand in inventory ,because running out means ruining my chair and that's $33 ,000 + mistake , that I won't let happen, so I overstock and give lots away periodically usually about 25 or 30 cases a year , because I am a heavy user but I can't pee an ocean.

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    I don't ever run out.

    Being incontinent (and ABDL), diapers are a higher priority bill for me- which comes after my house payment, but before utilities.

    And in the extremely rare situation where I should run out (shipping delays, etc), I have several cloth diapers on hand too.

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    It's been over 15 years since I actually ran out and that was lack of planning on my part compounded by late delivery and that's disastrous for IC people.

    Didn't mean to sidetrack the thread though as sometimes just having padding that is IC reliable isn't enough you have to have nappies you really like otherwise I feel deflated and actually wonder what life is all about.

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    I pretty much never run out... I do occasionally run out of my "preferred" diapers, but I have several cloth diapers and AIOs as backup, and the local Apotheke (German Pharmacy) can have Molicare Supers in 24 hours if I request them, at no extra cost. This is good, because while I like the IDEA of cloth diapers, in practice I much prefer the convenience of disposables. I also keep a couple of packages of Depends around. I don't like them, and they don't last as well as the diapers that I do like, but they are a decent "emergency diaper" for me. Basically, if I'm wearing Depends, I re-stock ASAP... This happens very rarely.

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    It's been a very, very long time since I've been completely out of stock as far as my diapers go, and lo and behold - I'm out of them now. It's an immensely empty feeling to say the least. It's just weird not coming home from college or work and putting one on, especially considering how I was pretty much diapered all weekend long.

    I'm currently waiting for more to come in the mail though! Really hoping they ship soon - they can't come soon enough! I know my patience and all this waiting with be very much worth it though. Such a rewarding feeling when you finally get them! Until then though, like I said, I just feel...empty...without them.

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