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    Default UPO Unidentified Padded Object

    At this point I know just about every major brand of adult diaper in existence and even some obscure ones and just by looking at many I can identify them easily and know their appearance and brand name by heart.

    However the weekly DD featured photos on DD threw me for another curveball. I saw this beauty and couldn't tell if it was an existing brand with a custom tape or if it was an actual obscure brand designed that way I've never heard of before.

    Ignore the thumbnail if it shows a different image, the actual image should show a pinkish white diaper with red and white red outlined hearts on it

    Can anyone guess what brand this could be or if it's an existing brand with a custom tape?

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    Have they changed recently? last time I saw Dr. P I remember they had purple and yellow hearts on them.

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    Looking at all the orange tint in the picture, maybe the picture was altered thus changing the diaper from purple to pink.

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    I remember the hearts on Dr. P diapers being much smaller than the ones in the picture. I'm also pretty sure the hearts are really red and white and I don't think the tint has much of an effect on it.

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    FWIW, not much changes when you correct the image. I'm no graphics artist but this looks okay

    Click image for larger version. 

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