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Thread: Which footed onesie/sleeper/jammies should I buy?

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    Red face Which footed onesie/sleeper/jammies should I buy?

    I've got enough money to buy another footed onesie and some baby toys etc. But, I can't choose which one to buy. I need some help from you fashionable babies out there, haha.

    Number 1 -

    Number 2 -

    Number 3 -

    And lastly, Number 4 -

    Thanks for any help.

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    Oh! I like the festival style first one! It's like the only one that's not really ashamed of being kiddish, for some reason looks less like a weirdly scaled up onesie either...

    I... think, I wanna put that on my wish list now!

    Does anybody make footed onesies with zippers in the legs or snap crotch for changing though?

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    Thanks for you help and I think I agree with you on the festival one. It look kiddish without being weird, lol.

    I'm not sure about footed onesies with zippers on the legs. I know you can the ones with the "bum flap" at the back on Amazon but apart from that, no. Maybe only dedicated ABDL sites sell them (and, my god, those websites are ridiculously expensive).

    Amazon do have these though,

    I will definitely be buying the second one with the dinosaurs on it. But I'll have to wait for a while as it's not a number one priority and I don't want one yet. I'll probably get it in a couple months or something.

    PS: If you get that onesie, I'll get it too and we can become onesie twins lol.

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    I recently noticed cuddlz had a crotch snap sleeper

    I've bought one, I'll let you know how good it is

    I recently looked at the cuddlz website, it now has sleepers with leg snaps, I've just bought one so I'll let you know if it's any good

    If your in the us the jumpin jammerz have sleepers with poppers in the legs, I have loads of these, they are fantastic (the cost of shipping to the uk was murder though)
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    Ooooh, I'll have to buy one. I'm not very up to date with the ABDL shop websites. I've never actually bought any specific ABDL items before except the Nuk 5 pacifiers. Buying an actual ABDL clothing item will be a big step for me. Is there any other websites I should know about? Is there any ones that do baby toys but at a larger scale? That would be pretty awesome.

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    I have both the festival and the polar ones from Funzee, love them ^^

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