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Thread: So offended right now... my god.

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    Angry So offended right now... my god.

    If you own Netflix then I'm sure you've seen the new releases today. One being "1,000 Ways to Die". I love this show, it's dark humour is quite funny but this one episode (Season 3 Episode 5) depicted an ABDL. I understand they need to be funny but they depicted it as some sort of disgusting, deviant sexual fetish. And even had some fool on for five seconds claiming to be an ABDL, dressed absolutely ridiculously.

    Maybe I'm too easily offended or something but it's very hard to offend me. I don't mind making jokes about myself, my disabilities or anything else really. But it felt too serious. The jokes they were making just felt quite vicious.

    I recommend watching it, so you understand what I'm talking about. The "ABDL" segment starts at 8 minutes and 55 seconds in the episode.

    If you don't have Netflix, I'm sure it's available online easily.

    Please, tell me what you think.


    I've had a sleep (and a nap lol) and I've realised it's nothing to get offended over. I shouldn't expect our community to get "special treatment" on a show that depicts rednecks as total r-tards, women as complete sluts and men as just... well, dumb. I watched it again this morning and actually saw the funny side of it. Yes, it's offensive but the show is supposed to be offensive.

    I guess you could say I was just having a little tantrum.

    I've took a chill pill and I've seen the funny side of it.
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    I could never really get into the show precisely because of how they hammed everything up way too much and were often unnecessarily disrespectful.

    The show could have been good if they had focused on actual interesting deaths and treated it with a bit more seriousness and respect (or at least let the audience draw their own conclusions regarding the idiocy of the people involved). Instead, the premise of the show seems to basically be "hehe, look at all these freaks who did stupid shit and got what they deserved".
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    If this is about the man being crushed by the crib railing, I thought he was a dumbass. I don't care if he was playing and being a baby. He is an adult and has an adult brain and he chose to act like a I wish I could say the word but it starts with an R.

    I tried to find it on Netflix and it didn't show up.

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    Yeah it was kind of eye opening to me when i saw it. It wasn't as funny when the shoe was on the other foot. At the end of the day though it's just trash tv, it's not something worth getting upset over

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    I remember that one when it first aired. It got a lot of coverage on this site. My feeling about the show was that everything was a fabrication, none of the stories true. The episode you're talking about was truly ridiculous.

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    Maybe a good lesson in being careful about laughing at others' misfortune, but otherwise it sounds like it was no big deal. Just people taking anything they could find out of the norm, making it look absurd, and then calling it a day.

    It's worth remembering that there are only two good ways to make money in TV. One is to make something amazing, crafted carefully and lovingly over time until it's perfect. The other is to make something as cheap, sensational, and absurd as possible and try to get it out there as fast as you can. The first one is way harder than the second and costs a lot more upfront, sadly.

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    If you want to see people get offended...tell them that you voted for trump and think he a Presidential god

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    Actually, there are some true listings of deaths in their 1000 ways, but yeah, most are fabricated or changed from the original.

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    I remember watching it a long time ago. The narrator calling him a freak at the end did feel like a low blow. Back then I hadn't accepted myself yet, and this didn't exactly help...

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    This is why I want to make characters who are *BDL and put it in stuff not geared toward *BDLs. It wouldn't be in-your-face,bBut I want to blaze trails.

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