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Thread: Diaper disposal: How do you handle it?

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    Default Diaper disposal: How do you handle it?

    Right now I just toss used diapers into a regular trash bag and take them out regularly, but I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy a dedicated diaper pail/bin. The ones I've seen online have pretty mixed reviews. Do they actually work and do a good job keeping odors in or are they unreliable and more trouble/expense than they're worth?

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    I used a diaper genie for years and odors aren't a problem, but the "mouth" is a bit small so you have to stuff most adult diapers into rather than just dropping it. THe thing isn't tremendously durable and I broke mine, repaired it, and then it broke again (my brother and sister-in-law broke there's just using it for baby diapers, I bought them a replacement).

    I've got a DiaperDekor now. It has a larger mouth but really not much more capacitiy. It doesn't quite seal as well as the DG. The Diaper Genie actually pinches the bag closed in addition to shutting a lid on the whole thing. The Dekor doesn't do that. It has two lids which provide somewhat of a seal, but the thing isn't air tight (the unloading door is not tight fitting).

    There are some others on the market but I've not yet looked at them.

    Frankly, I'd go with a diaper genie elite. They're cheap (comparitively) and you can get the bags anywhere (like costco).

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    I use a diaper dekor XL - Also known as the Akord. Great pail as long as I change it out at least every week. My partner complains about the smell if I let it go any longer. Janibell Akord Adult Diaper Pail - Odor Free

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    I switched the whole house to black kitchen trashbags, and toss the diapers out in the regular trash because it gets emptied more often. The black bags aren't see-through.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If the diaper is smelly, I stick it in a grocery bag and tie that closed first.

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    I use a regular kitchen garbage can with a lid and I put plastic garbage bags that are treated with Febreeze into the receptacle. It works reasonably well, but I keep the can in the basement where no one comes across it.

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    For wet diapers, I just fold them in on themselves, put them in the kitchen trash (black bags only) and then take that down to the bin, which has a lid and gets picked up once a week. Doesn't smell that strong, not a big deal. For the very rare handful of times I've had a poopy diaper, I've folded it up, put it in its own ziplock bag, and then put that in the trash bag, which helps with the smell.

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    I still live at home with my parents, so going about getting rid of my wet and messy diapers is definitely a bit of a challenge. I have to be really, really sneaky. Of course, I can do whatever I want in my diapers in the privacy of my room, but when I need a change, I have a little routine. Whenever I diaper myself, I always make sure I have a plastic bag handy at all times. Grocery bags are very good - my family likes to recycle the ones we take home.

    When it's time for the actual change though, regardless of whether it's wet or messy (or both... ), I take it off like normal, wipe myself clean with either some wipes or a towel, tie/tape the diaper shut, put it in the plastic bag and close it, and then stick it in my closet that I don't even use. The bag can do a pretty good job at keeping the smell in, by the way! When I know no one is around or when I'm home alone, that's my chance to throw the bag out. I always have to throw them away in our outside garbage can, obviously. No one bothers looking in there anyway, so it's perfect!

    It's all a process, but it's quite the rewarding process nonetheless.

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    Out with the normal trash. I try to distribute it so that there's not all wet diapers in one bag, because it gets heavy.

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    Try bags that smell good tie it up and you shouldn't have smell

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