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Thread: Cracked article including diaper fetish

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    Default Cracked article including diaper fetish

    Yes, as you might expect, even in an article about hypnotherapy and sexuality, we do not come off well. The person mentioned in the article was an AB looking to regress and also lose bladder control. The therapist thought it was "creepy."

    Look, I don't get ABs, and I can't imagine wanting to eliminate the option to wear regular underwear, but I thought this was a bridge too far.


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    To be fair- sounds pretty Even handed. Does it make ABDLs seem odd? Yes! Does it portray us as anything other than consenting adults exploring sexuality? Maybe. That title was a little off color.

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    Default Cracked article including diaper fetish

    Not sure what they mean by Kiddie Play. That sounds too much like Pedophilia to me...

    Perhaps we should contact the author and ask them to explain that ABDL DOES NOT INCLUDE CHILDREN. ONLY CONSENTING ADULTS.

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    Yeah, this is ridiculous.

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    I mean, I'm all for equal opportunity, and yes, I admit we are a weird, tabboo fetish, but seriously? "Kiddie play" being used in an article so close to the age group is beyond infuriating. I'm perplexed as to why the author didn't do more research about the actual fetish, vs the attraction to feelings of safety and security (arguably the same thing) that's provided by the interaction of regressing or wearing diapers/pullups.
    Obviously the author has a certain amount of biased towards things outside their realm of normalcy, and that, my friends, is not he makings of good journalism.

    The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for*171,476 words*in current use. There are better words to convey a less misconstrued message to the general public.

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    Kiddie play makes me think of "riding" the horse head or broom stick around the house, it in no way makes me think ABDL or regression maybe we should write back and tell them they are clown journalist, see if they like being labeled offensively.

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    I don't get offended by people calling ABDL weird, strange, gross, etc. But any connection to pedophilia crosses the line for me. I didn't actually read the text for #3 simply because the reference towards kiddy play grossed me out and made me pissed.

    This isn't even the first time Cracked has talked about ABDL. They wrote an article all about ABDL about a year ago, and that was fine. The representation in that article was fine. But this, No. At least the article isn't about ABDL and people are focusing much more on the other parts of the article that really talk about hypnosis and aren't really discussing ABDL.

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    That entire article seems to be into mocking the so called "therapist's" various customers. Sounds like a horrible person who doesn't really want to help people... I feel sorry for their clients!

    That second article starts by mocking for entertainment, then tries to make up for it by putting it in the context of other kinks and forms of self therapy/medication. Better I guess... Not sure I'd expect anything else from Cracked though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdorableRabbit View Post
    Not sure I'd expect anything else from Cracked though.
    this ^^

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    Its really sad that the AB/DL community has to be portrayed like this.

    There needs to be more distinction drawn between this community and criminal desires (pedophilia). This is something that raises my blood pressure to no limit. I can see that many others on here are no different.
    Random rant incoming- Im also tired of people with the assumption that as a DL, we are attracted to people that wear diapers as opposed to ourselves wearing them. For me, i simply enjoy wearing them and nothing else. It is of my personal opinion, that as a "therapist" this should be addressed. Mainly because the psychological aspects between two, vary greatly. Now, i think that it should seem obvious that someone not into the idea of others wearing diapers/dressing like a baby, could never border criminal boundaries. If staring at pictures of attractive women/men in diapers is your thing, by all means. I just want to put it out there that if you are ever seeking to explain your sexuality or "separate" yourself from any unwanted labels (pedophilia, incest etc.) Its probably your best bet. Its been a "frown upside down" kind of statement on more than one occasion for me.

    But on a serious note, yes, acting/dressing like a baby and viewing it as something sexual (or not sexual) is still odd. (sorry ABs) but so is just wearing a diaper out of interest. (including myself)
    As an adult that takes part in this, you kind of need to admit that. Just part of being humble and sane. Still doesn't change the fact that people can do whatever they want behind closed doors as long as its consensual between both parties. There is another article by Cracked "4 realities when you wear your fetish under your clothes" which also kind of throws us into the shitter but in a more polite way. Made for an interesting comment section though, nonetheless XD
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