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Thread: Finding Diapers That Work For Me

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    Red face Finding Diapers That Work For Me

    Hewwo, everyone. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with finding diaper brands that carry my size? My structure is pretty petite and with most of the brands I've stumbled across, the smallest size they'll carry is a medium. I know that Diaper Connoisseur is now carrying the DC Amors in smalls and I'm about to order some of those, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any others that came in a size small?
    -Taylor a.k.a littlepaciprincess

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    Abuniverse now carries smalls in cushies, Sdk, and if I recall preschools

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    Molicares carry smalls. Its a decent brand

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    Try Confidry24/7. Xpmedical carries size small, and they are certainly one of the best performing diapers out there (according to the majority of ABDL on this site).

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    Some of the rearz diapers are available in small as well safari being one of them

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