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Thread: Worried my parents will find my stuff?

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    Default Worried my parents will find my stuff?

    So, i went to the post office to collect my diapers yesterday, and i'm worried that my parents will find them. it's not in an obvious spot (i don't think) they're under my wardrobe.

    any suggestions or comments?

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    the very first time i got diapers i hid them under the furniture in my bedroom and a while later i decided to relocate them inside a cabinet with a makeshift lock. just a few days after i've done that, my mom was really bored and decided to completely clean up the whole house which included my bedroom. all the furniture was moved and everything below was clean. if i wouldn't have relocated my diapers to the locking cabinet i'd get busted. you have to consider every possibility if you don't want anyone to find out

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    My suggestion: if you have a set of drawers and there's an open area below the bottom drawer, that's a good choice for hiding stuff. No one would think to take out the bottom drawer on something that's been there for years.

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    Yeah they say for safety of pets and children dressers and bookcases should be anchored to the wall in case of earthquake , so anchor it and then use that space.

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