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Thread: if humans loved one and another.

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    Default if humans loved one and another.

    if humans as a specifies loved each other and never hated people, we would be a happy race without wars, because with love, there is no hate.

    sorry, shybug is drunk I don't get why people hate, hate is bad. but it's ok to hate people somtimes.

    sometimes everyone needs a hug, hugs make people feel better. image a world without hate, or voilence, it would be a happy peaceful world that shybug would love to bits.

    cause hurting people is bad, love everyone and the planet.

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    Well some people... like, say, Jeffrey Dahmer, are kind of hard to like. Or my evil stepmother. Or my friend's wife who basically manipulated him onto the marriage, had two kids with him, and then started treating him like dogshit and now he feels trapped because there's a family. She works at the same place he does (and I do), and lunchtime is whenever she says and wherever she specifies he go to pick it up. And they have separate cars. But he's left MEETINGS to run out for lunch when the phone rings. And it's not like they eat together or anything either. I hate her for the way she treats him and then actually LAUGHS about it. -_-

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    Awe binary... (Gives hug)

    The problem this culture has can be directly correlated to fear.
    Fear of loss. Fear of not having control. Fear of what someone else will do. Fear of what you will do.

    It's what the great Yoda says: "fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate... leads to suffering...

    We are at the influx stage of "hate". This may not be new to the older generation, who lived through the 60's-80's, but to this generation, and the awakening millennials (sorry millennials, until you exit puberty, the majority of you suck), this racist hate (derived mostly from this caucasian/male supremacy movement) is something that is new and intolerable. We just don't handle it, nor do we want to!

    The shit part is, I'm pretty sure we've got a 50/50 shot at fixing this country and it all starts with not becoming numb.

    What I mean is, we see horrific things every day and our reactions to them edge toward complacency more and more every time.

    I hope we don't become complacent.
    But it takes the actions of everyone.
    Even you, reader. Yes you, you need to take action. You have to, before they've come for everyone else, and no one is there to help you stand your ground.

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    I wish things worked that way, but it doesn't. As some people on this thread said there are people that are hard to love, but still we can try.

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    If only it were that easy...

    Without hate you can never know love, as without sorrow you can never know joy...

    Yin and yang, both polar opposites of each other yet one in the same.

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    It starts with one person taking the initiative to show that love to everyone!

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    Yep, love is like toothpaste. If you want to find love everywhere you go in the world you only have to bring it with you.

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    There's nothing you can say, but you learn how to play the game. It's easy.

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    I think we all start off in our early years loving and trusting the people around us. I think it is innate in our nature to care for others. The problem is that we learn to suppress it. How we see the world these days is through a cloud of misinformation, social media, schools, religious belief systems and political institutions. A gay man can be stoned to death in some countries simply because of who he chooses to love. Civilized countries elect leaders who promote hatred and fear against immigrants and refugees. We have to unlearn what we have learned, trust our own intuition and reconnect with each other. An ABDL site is probably the best place to start with connecting with our inner, loving child.
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