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Thread: I'm back! :)

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    Default I'm back! :)

    Hi, Angelics back! I havn't been here for a while since I had an arguement about my mental health with a few members who called me childish etc and said I needed help.

    To be honest I'm scared to come back to this wonderful community so I've just been lurking, I've gotten some help with my mental Health problems and I'm adjusting quite well to the adult life, so no nappies, toys or little space happened these past few months and my therapist seems to think I was ok anyway, I am starting to get a few vanilla friends and I just basically want to say, I'm sorry for having a go at you ages ago and I'm glad moderators didn't delete my account!

    Can everybody forgive me and welcome me back?

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    But I am looking to go back in nappies full time again when I get money

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    welcome back

    Don't worry about what others think of you. sometimes people say things to try and get to you because they don't have anything better to do with their time or are just insecure about themselves so they try to ruin your day. Don't let these things get to you just be yourself and do what makes you happy and forget the rest because dwelling on past or present events only make it harder to cope with.

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    Hi and I'm glad you're back. If you said stuff that was inappropriate, I certainly don't remember. Things pass quickly on a blog site.

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    I was just very worried about the people that I spoke to last seeing I've come back, I kinda don't feel welcome anymore

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    Yay! Welcome back, Angelic! (Yes -- of course you're still welcome here.)

    I wouldn't worry too much about a silly old argument. We have short memories here. Come out of the shadows and stop that lurking!

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    How many of you keep your bag of adult diapers next to your bed, in the bathroom, in car, or elsewhere?

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    Welcome back!

    And my short term memory is shot after mt TBI/car accident anyhow...But don't remember anything bad you may have posted...

    I'm sure it was just the usual case of people pushing buttons...

    So, welcome back, and glad your still doing well...And also glad your therapist doesn't see anything wrong with doing something that makes you happy and doesn't really hurt you...

    Everyone at some point will need to talk to "Profesionals", most do, some don't and turn to things much more unhealthy, so congratulations to taking the right turn, talking to people never hurts, and usually helps in many ways!

    Talking to a shrink was required for work I used to do on an annual basis or more depending on where/what we encountered at work...And a clinical psyc eval every two years...So it's getting to be less of a stigma about it these days...And there shouldn't be any!

    Bottom line! Glad your back!

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    I'm glad you're back. I really don't know what caused you to be upset enough to leave the site, but sometimes it's a good idea to take a little break if things get heated. Confrontation is never easy but it is inevitable when you are on a site with people who all have different perspectives and temperaments. You should never, never ever feel scared to connect with people here. If someone is excessively rude or bullying to you, then report it to the mods and let them make a decision. It's preferable to engaging in a fight or an argument.

    Regardless, I'm glad to see you are receiving help for your mental health and feeling better. We missed you here.

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