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Thread: How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

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    Default How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

    I've said on my last (and first) post (yes, I'm a newbie) that I'm disabled and live with my parents. It makes it easier to have baby things right out the open without them questioning me. I've never had to hide it and, for those of you who have to, how do you do it? Does it cause a lot of stress?

    So anyway, here's my stuff;

    - 10 pacifiers, 6 normal Latex ones you can buy from the shop and 4 large Nuk ones.

    - 5 onesies (I'm confused over what people call these. They're basically sleepers but without the feet?)

    - 3 footed onesies.

    - Too many toys to type down. Let's just say, I'm a very big fan of Lego, teddies and cars. I also have a load of sensory toys and baby toys that make noise and have textures.

    - I have rail guards on my bed. It doesn't feel like being in a cot... but it's close enough that I'm content with it.

    - I have 3 nursery mobiles above my bed. One I actually made one with my dad using fabric and stuffing. It looks really cute and I'd show you it but I'm not comfortable having images of my room on the forum in case someone I know finds them. (Sorry)

    - I have a lot of sippy cups and something even better than sippy cups are these silicone lids I bought that turns any normal cup into a sippy cup. They're called SipSnaps... very good to have. I really recommend them.

    - Plates, bowls and cutlery that are made for special needs adults but look like a giant version of the babies bowls and stuff.

    - I have lots of baby and toddler bedtime books (I love the pop up ones) and lots of colouring books.

    - Quite a few bathtime toys.

    - I don't have proper diapers. That's the one thing I would love to have. I do, however, own Tena Lady Pants Maxi. I have small "leaks" every so often and so wear these everyday to prevent wetting myself. They don't feel like real diapers but that's okay. They really just feel like I'm wearing the Pull Ups from when I was 7-10. It's better than nothing.

    That's it really. I'd be really excited to hear what everyone else has and how, if you're in that situation, you hide your things. I honestly don't know how you do it, I constantly forget to take my pacifier out when I'm about to go outside the house and I couldn't live without my sippy cups.

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    I have 4 plushies (I have to hide 2), a blue onesie with dinos on it, a pink paci, a baby bottle, powder & wipes, some kids movies, and a lot of diapers (most of them are Tena classic briefs). They all have to be hidden in the closet so nobody will see it.

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    Enough to know my friends and family would never let me live it down. Not that it matters anyway...

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    Note - Wow dude, I'm sorry it's like that for you. We can only hope that in due time... we'll be accepted as normal, healthy individuals who just have a "hobby" of sorts. I wish the best for you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Onesieman - May I ask why you have to hide two of them? Also, I love the design of your onesie. Lol. Wish I could have it... hmmm, may I please steal it? Pwetty pwease?

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    • Black Onesies Downunder Pacifier
    • 2 Nuk bottles
    • 4 plushies
    • 1 black Onesies Downunder onesie
    • 1 Lazyone flap jack onesie
    • 1 Lazyone footie onesie
    • Few bags of diapers (Little Pawz, Fab Sense City Print)
    • Baby powder + wipes + baby oil

    I have everything hidden besides my plushies and Lazyone onesies. The items I hide are pretty much everywhere. Bottles go under my [platform] bed, paci goes into my nightstand. My onesies downunder onesie is with the rest of my clothes and diapers are in drawers under my bed as well as my diaper changing items.

    It doesn't really cause me stress. More so of an annoyance not being able to keep things out.

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    Well let's see... 3 plushies currently (including Sonic and Tails), diapers of course, and baby powder, two onesies, and a sufficiently extensive cartoon collection that would earn sideways glances from my mother if she ever knew all of it.

    Cartoons: every single episode of Rainbow Brite (including the Star Stealer movie), every single episode of Inspector Gadget, a pretty good collection of Duck Tales, and Heathcliff, and Talespin... oh yeah, and let's not forget the movies... Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Secret of NIMH... it just goes on and on.

    And yeah, I have to keep all of it hidden. My mom knows about a FEW of the movies... e.g. Zootopia... but she's never seen it and has no idea how ridiculously cute it is.

    EDIT: Oh, and and! The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, The SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog, and one of my very favorites (though a bit more obscure) The Raccoons!

    Further EDIT: I forgot to mention another somewhat obscure favorite of mine. The Mysterious Cities Of Gold!
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    Two of them are pokeballs (I'm a lifelong fan of Pokιmon so no one bats an eye). The other 2 are a dog from paw patrol and a blue rabbit. I have them wear baby diapers (so I don't feel like I'm alone), so they have to stay hidden so people don't think I'm weird. And thanks for the complement, BabyKai.

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    11 pacis
    5 bottles
    2 teethers
    5 paci leashes
    1 1/2 bags of baby diapers
    7 abenas
    6 little pawz
    powder and wipes
    countless stuffies

    I still live with my mom. Was going to move out at 19 but an accident leaving me bedridden for 5 months took that away. Still feeling the impact of that today. Planning on moving out with my daddy later in the year though.
    As for hiding my stuff, I hide my diapers for sure but technically don't need to hide my little stuff. My mom is aware and ok with the fact that I use bottles but I'd still rather not use or pull them out around her. She doesn't know about the pacis, teethers, and such so I'd prefer to keep them hidden. No need to hide the powder and wipes since we normally use them around the house. I use powder to keep fleas at bay.

    I'm extremely open about my stuffies though. They take up about a quarter of my bed space and are hung up around my ceiling on a toy chain and hammock.

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    11 pacifiers
    2 onesies
    1 teether
    3 bottles
    5 stuffed animal friends
    baby powder
    lotion and diaper rash cream
    1 big box of pampers size 6
    2 pair of home made diaper extenders
    I have to hide everything because i'm still living with my family trying to get a place of my own again. I can't risk anyone finding any of it because my Dad has found my stash of diapers in my closet and threatend that if I ever brought any more baby items of any kind that I will be out on the street but I sneak them in anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyKai View Post
    I've said on my last (and first) post (yes, I'm a newbie) that I'm disabled and live with my parents. It makes it easier to have baby things right out the open without them questioning me. I've never had to hide it and, for those of you who have to, how do you do it? Does it cause a lot of stress?

    So anyway, here's my stuff;

    - 3 footed onesies..
    I first read this and thought, wow, that's really odd, onsie jammies that have three legs? Then I realized.....duh.

    Anyway, I have much the same things:

    1. diapers and plastic pants

    2. 4 foot jammies (yes, I have four legs as i'm a dog)

    3. several sippy cups

    4. several baby bottles

    5. two babyish onsies

    6. bib overalls and one pair of short alls

    7. bib, baby cup, dish and baby spoon, fork and knife

    8. seven plushies

    9. numerous toys and a lot of little green army men, plus adult coloring books, pencils and markers.

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