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Thread: What's the point of dual leak barriers?

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    Question What's the point of dual leak barriers?

    It has been recently reported that the latest versions of Goodnites now features double leak guards. They are not the first as the Always Discreet pants already have such dual leaks guards.

    What do you think of their efficiency?
    I am wondering how they can work. If some liquid passes the first leak guard, it will be in a non-absorbent zone, between the two leak barriers and will eventually pass the second leak barrier as a result, or do I miss something?

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    IMO leak guards wont do anything for urine. They are not plastic. Might be effective for BM. I cut them out of an abena and the diaper did just as good as it would with the guards in.

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    Leak guards do have their utility for urine in my opinion. They help keep the liquid inside before it gets absorbed, despite they are not plastic.
    But that's an interesting point.
    The utility of the double guards is yet to be found...

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    Goodnites still have plastic underneath the thin cloth outer cover. In fact, the designs are printed on the plastic. Also the dual leak barriers, might not be beneficial to us, but hopefully beneficial for the kids.

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    if the diaper isn't an exact good fit and taping they help with #2 issues, as for good nites have no idea why they would do this or why kimberly clark would wast money on this when they wont apply it to their depend briefs.

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    Again, The double barriers in Goodnites may be helpful for some kids. That's the important part.

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    I am not sure why the double barriers would be helpful specifically for kids (I wear Goodnites too by the way).
    I don't think it is for messing purposes, as GoodNites are not intended for this purpose (Always Discreet pants as well).

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    Sure, they could have come up with a better idea, but it's not a big deal. Only time and reviews will tell.

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    I think it makes a great bullet point for there advertising department and not much else , kinda like new car features list that boasts windshield wipers, that don't have anything to say that'd be really good or important so they bulk up the list with stuff that is mundane and required by law , after all would you buy a car without wipers ? So until it's of proven benefit dual leak guards seem to be just something to boast about that might actually serve a purpose, and enhances people perception of the product .

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    Goodnites actually used to have plastic lined leak guards, but removed the plastic around the same time that they went to the "cloth-like cover" in 2002. The plastic in the leak guards did add to the crinkle factor back then. My guess is they removed them to save money, improve breathability, or both.

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